The first prizes at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival

Thursday, today, it’s prize giving. The partners of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival presented their awards on February 2, in front of the juries of the official competitions, Friday evening.

All France Télévisions prize winners.

The France Télévisions prize was awarded unanimously by the jury to It takes an entire village (I4), directed by Ophelia Harutyunyan.

“The film took us all, gently”, justified the president of the jury, Bastien Bouillon, in a short video. The main performer of this Armenian short film, Nanor Petrosyan, shared the prize for female interpretation (supported by Unifrance) with Eliane Umuhire, actress of Surprised (A2). Unusually, no male interpretation prize was awarded.

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The trophies provided by the partners.

Procirep Award for Short Film Producer. Topshot Movies for Life in Canada by Frederic Rosset.

Best Queer Feature Award. Um caraçao de abacate (an avocado pit)by Ary Zara (Portugal).

Canal+/Ciné+ international award. Asnelandet (The Land of Donkeys)from Bahar Pas (Sweden).Bahar Pas invited the audience to express his support for the Iranian people by singing “Women, life, freedom” in English.

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National Canal+ award. Tondex 2000by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti (France).

Connection of Price Festivals. 45th Parallelby Lawrence Abu Hamdan (United Kingdom).

Price of Adobe special effects. Buurman Abdi (My neighbor Abdi)by Douwe Dijkstra (Netherlands).Douwe Dijkstra received the prize for special effects.

SACD Prize for best French-language animated film. Flawed by Joachim Hérissé (France).

SACD Prize for best first work of fiction. I kemi Varros Baballaret (We buried our fathers)by Hekuran Isufi (France).

Award for the best documentary film. Majmouan (The sum of things)by Mohammadreza Farzad (Poland, Germany, Iran).The winners and judges gathered for the photo finish.

Fernand-Raynaud Laughter Prize. The guestsby Enrique Buleo (Spain, France).

Télérama Press Prize. I’ve been lost onceby Emma Limon (France, United States).

YouTube Short Fiction Award. Sea horseby Eleonore Costes and Amaury Dequé (France).

CNC/talent grant. The fig treeby Jimmy Conchou (France).

Thierry Senzier

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