The artistic alphabet n°38 – Mini starters n°3

Why mini starters? Because it only takes some artistic sense of two to three lines…

Also rediscover the images of the classic Primer entries, which find a secondary function by illustrating the mini entries. Click on the image to discover the corresponding number.


This primer will tell you about:

Art in general, painting, graphic art, sculpture, engraving, literature, poetry, music, cinema, history, gastronomy, tradition, performing arts, theater, opera, philosophy, etc.

Identify one Thursday a month (or two) for an illustrated art column where you discover 5 artistic meanings or 6 mini entries from randomly selected letters of the alphabet.

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Image taken from Imagisme entry.

There is an author number

This mini-entry aims to explain why the word author has more meaning than author. Today, we see more of the word author competing with author and that is a good thing. Words in “teur” usually have one of two feminine forms: “teuse” (buyer, matchmaker, etc.) or “trice” (actress, director, letter carrier, etc.). There is no “tear” on the horizon (we say a groomer Even one reader.) So why does an author say? A neologism that was formed decades ago, the author also has no historical baggage of an author, having existed from the 17th century, to the 19th century, before being gradually pushed back into oblivion by misogyny. .. Now, it logically comes back in force. Don’t say author, say author!


Image taken from the Tempera entry.

C for Costumbrismo

Costumbrismo is a pictorial and literary movement that aims to describe customs (costume in Spanish) of society, realistic. Originating in 19th century Spain, it appears to reflect many specific regions of a changing country.


Image taken from the Risorgimento entry.

G for Fresh butter gloves

Freshly buttered gloves take us back to a time when interactions followed a strict protocol. Until after the middle of the 20th century, it was not thought that a marriage proposal would be made in good society without the groom or his parents coming to ask for the bride’s hand wearing freshly buttered gloves, or slipped the hands in a pair. of tan leather gloves.


Image taken from the entrance of Chiaroscuro.

Or for Ontology

Ontology belongs to the domain of philosophy. It is the study of being, what it means, its meaning, its life, its origin, its future. In this sense, ontology is close to metaphysics. The concept is also attached to the inner reality of beings, and not to their appearance or to what the world has made them or allowed them to see.


Image taken from Vanity entry.

I like Penny Dreadful

See also


In 19th century England, unfortunate teenagers were entertained by regularly reading the new it’s scary available. These cheap little books depict, in many issues, scary stories, sometimes based on true events, and are sold for… a penny (hence their title, promising a bit of horror at an insignificant cost, and which, in French, can be translated as ” horror for a penny”).


Image taken from the Zarzuela entry.

S for Saynete

Don’t make the mistake of writing a skit to provoke a skit. Although the sketch is short and funny, it is nevertheless a play in its own right, consisting of various scenes, born in Spain and very popular since the 1800s. Not to be confused with a skit, either a comic piece of a single scene, and short – a sketch in other words.

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