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Not everyone needs, wants or can afford a flagship smartphone. The popularity of Samsung’s A-series mid-range models testifies to this. While the new Galaxy S23 family of gadgets always make headlines, anticipation for the latest A-series phone – this year’s A54 – is almost as high.

Official information on the Series A will likely come later than the Series S, at a separate Unpacked event in March or April. While we wait to see if that happens in 2023, here’s what we’ve gathered so far on Samsung’s next affordable phone.


Samsung Galaxy A54 release date and price

  • March/April 2023?
  • Under $500/£400/€500?

There’s no official release date for the Galaxy A54 yet, but if past launches are to be believed, we can expect to hear about it within the next few months. We thought it might launch earlier this year since Samsung announced an A-series phone on January 18, but it turns out to be the entry-level A14. .

Last year’s Galaxy A53 was launched in March 2022, and the Galaxy A52 was announced a year earlier, in March 2021. The only exception to this rule in recent years was the Galaxy A51, which was announced in April 2020, and the A52, an iterative version launched in August 2021 with an upgraded predecessor.

As for the price, the Series A has followed a pretty strong pattern of coming in below $500 / £400 / €500 over the past two years, so we expect a similar price point this time around. As a reminder, last year’s A53 launched at $449/£399/€449 and the A52 (and A52s, for that matter) launched at $499/£399/€459.

Samsung Galaxy A54 design and screen

  • In-screen fingerprint scanner
  • 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Looking forward to the new colors

If the leaked renders are to be believed, Samsung’s replacement Galaxy A53 should be very similar in design to its predecessor, with only minor changes.

The most obvious difference is the triple-camera array, which is now on the back panel of the phone, instead of a molded raised section – like the new S23 and S23+. There is a flash as before, but the depth sensor seems to have disappeared, with that feature probably being taken over by the main camera.

As usual, the physical buttons seem to be kept to a minimum, with only volume and power on the right side. Instead, rumors suggest that the A53’s in-display fingerprint scanner will return this time as well. We found it to be reliable, if a little slow, so it will be interesting to see if it improves at all.

In terms of finish, the renders suggest that we can expect it to be similar to what we are used to from the A-series, so it will be a plastic body with a matte feel on the back and Gorilla Glass on the front.

Other leaked renders suggest there could be some pretty funky colors – like purple and neon green yellow – alongside the standard black and white. Considering that Samsung has gone all the way with the color options for the S23 family, that doesn’t seem like a stretch.

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy A54 will have a slightly smaller AMOLED display than the A53, at 6.4 inches compared to last year’s 6.5 inches. It is still expected to have an FHD+ resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate, with an expected overall size of 158.3 x 76.7 x 8.2mm.

Samsung Galaxy A54 hardware and specs

  • Exynos 1380?
  • 6GB/8GB RAM?
  • 128GB/256GB storage
  • 4,905mAh battery, 25W wireless charging.

Inside, a battery of around 4,905 mAh is presented in a 25W wireless chargingalong with a choice of 128 or 256 GB of storage and 6 or 8 GB of RAM – to allow for price variations.

That’s an improvement over the A53’s 4860mAh battery, but what that means in real terms remains to be seen.

Earlier rumors suggested that processing would be handled by an Exynos 7904 chip, but more recently it has been suggested that Samsung’s Exynos 1380 will take charge, which would also make sense since the Exynos 1280 is at the heart of the Galaxy A53 5G.

If the specs in the Geekbench database are correct, the 1380 looks to smack its predecessor in performance, with a 50 percent increase in multi-core scores.

Samsung Galaxy A54 cameras

  • 50MP (OIS)/12MP ultra-wide/5MP macro main camera
  • 32MP selfie camera

From the renders mentioned above, it looks like we can expect a triple-camera setup on the A53, where the depth sensor has been removed and its functionality moved to the main camera.

That main camera is said to be a 50-megapixel lens with OIS, along with a 12-megapixel camera for ultra-wide shots, and a 5-megapixel macro lens. Up front, there’s a 32-megapixel selfie camera with a punch-hole design, which means nothing unsightly takes up space on your screen.

It all looks pretty familiar to the A53, except the main camera has dropped from 64MP to 50MP, by comparison.

Samsung Galaxy A54 rumours: What’s the story so far?

Here’s everything we’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy A54 so far.

24 October 2022: Samsung Galaxy A54 may have slightly bigger battery than A53

A new report gives us some initial details about the A54’s battery size.

November 15, 2022: Samsung Galaxy A54 5G unveiled and renderings show cameras and more.

The new leaked renders, along with the new specs, give us some big hints about some of the A54’s features.

January 5, 2023: The Samsung Galaxy A54 has been officially certified as it nears its release.

A look at an Indian certification database confirms that the A54 is well and truly on the road.

January 9, 2023: Samsung’s Galaxy A54 will be announced on January 18.

That’s what we thought. Except…it’s the A14 instead.

January 27, 2023: Samsung Galaxy A54 5G appears on FCC website, will it launch soon?

And now it has been found in the certification database of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the United States.

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