NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – what will the Philadelphia Sixers do?

With the NBA Trade Deadline approaching, the leaders of the 30 franchises are busy making the necessary transfers before the fateful date of February 9. Of course, each team’s situation is different, and it is precisely for this reason that we want make special deadline paper by franchise. Presenting issues, issues to watch, intentions in the transfer market… we explain it all to you. On the menu today, the Philadelphia Sixers


On a recent good run, the Sixers are on a seven-game winning streak. Series that ended tonight, after their loss against the Magic (109-119). But that doesn’t change anything for Doc Rivers’ squad, which remains on the podium in the East (32 wins, 17 losses). Around a Joel Embiid at the top, a very good James Harden as a second option, the Pennsylvania franchise still wants to play for the title and its results speak for it. 6th best defensive rating (111.6) and 7th offensive ratio (115.5), Phila has nothing to be ashamed of and has all the arguments to claim the Larry O’Brien trophy.

The team has been in very good shape for two months and Daryl Morey should not mess things up. But the front office maybe do one or two moving to improve the bench, and support his Embiid-Harden duo.


The Sixers made position 5 a priority at the Deadline. While Joel Embiid has been exceptional, he’s also missed a few games and needs a breather, which is why Philly is looking for a marquee understudy in his franchise player.

To do this, the Sixers can separate some elements. A notable example is the Matisse Thybulle. Often praised (rightly) for his defense and his potential to stop the opposition’s best players, the winger is also criticized for his lack of presence in attack. In fact, the 25-year-old is only taking 2.5 shots per game, a problem that could cost Philly dear. The franchise therefore does not want to take risks and can part with its winger, who maintains a very high value in the market. The Kings will be especially interested.

Also pay attention to the names of Furkan Korkmaz, Daniel House Jr. and Jaden Springer. The first two are now out of the rotation, but their profiles as seasoned veterans remain useful and will be courted. Springer, he has yet to win in Philly and must revive elsewhere.


In addition to a post 5, Philly can start looking for players two ways (a lot is known on both sides). Two positions therefore, which can be seen upgrade before the Sixers start a run in the playoffs.

Philadelphia already has three pivots on its roster, but could be tempted by getting a safer reinforcement. With Montrezl Harrell erratic and Paul Reed lacking the confidence of his coaching staff, the Sixers would be open to bringing in a different interior, even if they didn’t trade anything. No concrete names have leaked, but we can assume the Sixers are leaning toward type players Naz Reid or Jakob Poeltl.

As for the wingers, Philly will be looking to regain a player who has the ability to defend but also bring something to the attack. The name that appears right on the table is Jae Crowder. The 3/4 position, which is sure to move at the Deadline, will favor the Bucks, who are absolutely on the case. But as long as nothing is done, the Sixers can always turn the deal around. Eric Gordon, who is about to leave the Rockets, is on Daryl Morey’s shelves. Phila has already made a veteran offer in the Draft, and could return to the attack in the coming days.

Text source: Philly Voice, Hoops Hype, Basketball Reference

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