here are the best Spigen cases and accessories to protect it perfectly

Like every year, it was at the end of the announcement of the new Galaxy S that Spigen released the line of accessories dedicated to the new Galaxy S23 from Samsung. In the program: chargers, screen protectors and, of course, covers specially designed for the occasion. Here are the best Spigen cases to protect your Samsung Galaxy S23.

Launched in 2008, Spigen is a brand known and recognized for the reliability of its products. Specializing in the creation of protections and accessories for smartphones, it has managed to create a special place for itself in this market thanks to two factors. First, the care given to the design of its products, which benefits from many technical innovations and impeccable follow-up. Then, it is its response that impresses. Spigen systematically releases its accessories when launching a new smartphone, as is the case today for the new Samsung Galaxy S23.

This response owes nothing to chance. Spigen is an integral part of SMAPP (Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program). A partnership with Samsung that allows manufacturers like Spigen early access to the brand’s new products to better curate their creations. What is available, in this case, protective shells that take into account the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S23 range and therefore offer higher protection.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid: deciding on the service of excellence

If you think it’s embarrassing to hide your smartphone under a thick, opaque shell, you might be interested in Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid shell. The manufacturer specifically designed this product to leave the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 visible without reducing its protection. Transparent, it is made with a mixture of rigid and flexible materials (PC and TPU), it also benefits from DuraClear technology that prevents yellowing of its materials.

On the protection side, there is nothing to complain about, because it has the famous Air Cushion (a technology developed by Spigen engineers) in each of its corners to absorb shocks in case of a fall. It also has raised edges around the screen to protect it from scratches. Like all cases offered by Spigen, the Ultra Hybrid is fully compatible with wireless charging and Samsung Pay.

Spigen Liquid Air: the perfect cover for a secure grip

As with all cases offered by Spigen, the Liquid Air offers the perfect protection for the Galaxy S23. Even better, it has a sleek and modern design that fits the Galaxy S23 perfectly. Air Cushion technology, like raised edges (including around the photo unit), guarantees the integrity of your device at all times without disturbing you or distorting the silhouette of the smartphone too much.

Even better, the Liquid Air shell, made of semi-flexible TPU, is lightweight and resistant. Better yet, Spigen has equipped it with a matte back covered with a pattern specially designed for its grip, to offer a solid grip, thus preventing sudden drops.

Spigen Tough Armor: real armor for your Galaxy S23

With its Tough Armor, Spigen probably offers its most effective protection for the Galaxy S23. Slightly more impressive than others, it also benefits from better results in the event of a fall or shock. how? Well, thanks to its construction method that relies on a double layer of polyurethane and polycarbonate. The screen and photo lenses benefit from the protection provided by the raised edges.

In addition to the Air Cushion technology, it can rely on a layer of foam capable of withstanding the most severe shocks. Spigen also gave its Tough Armor a little extra: a kickstand that allows it to stand vertically or horizontally so you can enjoy your smartphone hands-free.

Spigen Optik Armor: the perfect protection to prevent your photo sensors from being scratched

The protective shell of Optik Armor is quite different from the rest of the range dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S23. Why? Quite simply because it offers enhanced protection for the photo unit, which is in addition to the usual protections offered by Spigen.

To further protect this photo block, Spigen has designed a shell equipped with a real safe that completely surrounds it and covers it. The Optik Armor shell features Snap Lens Protection Technology, a removable part that completely covers the picture block when you’re not using it. What to avoid scratches, but also the accumulation of dust.

What other products does Spigen offer?

Beyond Galaxy S23-focused products, Spigen’s offering extends to the entire Samsung ecosystem. By browsing their catalog, it is possible to find shells for many references offered by the Korean manufacturer. If you have a Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Tab, you can count on protective covers specially designed to properly protect your device and accommodate their details.

These protections extensively take the features of the Tough Armor smartphone case (thinness, resistance, Air Cushion technology) and adapt them to each product for maximum protection. The Tough Armor case for the Galaxy Tab can be folded to serve as a support for the tablet. Its equivalent for the Galaxy Watch, on the other hand, has raised edges to ensure the safety of your watch screen. Latest product available, a case for Galaxy Buds to carry them without the risk of damaging them, and therefore prevent them from getting dirty.

Screen protector or wireless charger: discover other accessories dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S23

If Spigen is mainly known for its protective cases, its catalog is not limited to this type of product. The manufacturer offers a full range of accessories for the Galaxy S23. Among them, a selection of screen protectors that help protect the screen of your new smartphone:

  • Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit: for Galaxy S23 and S23+, protection of this tempered glass is ideal for ensuring the integrity of your screen in the event of a fall or shock. Highly resistant to its classified 9H hardness, it also benefits from an oleophobic coating (which doesn’t like oils or greases) that allows it to avoid unsightly fingerprints. A little more significantly, it comes with a guide that allows you to install it perfectly on your phone.
  • Spigen NeoFlex: designed for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, this screen protector is in the form of a flexible film that perfectly fits the smartphone screen. Edge-to-edge protection that helps prevent screen damage and complements various Spigen case models. In order not to damage anything, this protection ensures that the clarity sensor as well as the fingerprint sensor will work without any worries.

To complete the coverage of your Galaxy S23, Spigen also invites you to discover its ArcField wireless charger. Specifically designed for Samsung smartphones, it uses the same module as the official wired charger, the ArcField Wireless Charger 15W can charge your phone 1.5 times faster than a conventional 15W charger. So that nothing breaks, it has a very smart design to integrate well with your environment.

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