Market share increased by 40.4% – Now Morocco

Despite the unfavorable economic climate and a context particularly marked by crises, Renault Group Morocco succeeded in its own 2022.

With the announcement of the allocation to the Tangier plant of the production of a 100% electric vehicle and the signature of the collaboration with the Managem Group for the deep acquisition of strategic materials of Moroccan origin, the Renault Group crossed in 2022 of a new course in Morocco by further consolidating its role as a locomotive of the Moroccan automotive industry.

Increasing production and exports
The production of the two Renault Group factories in Morocco increased by 15.3% compared to the previous year with a total of 350,018 vehicles produced.
The Tangier plant produced 255,494 vehicles, an increase of 11% compared to 2021. The Renault plant in Casablanca, Somaca, achieved a new production record of 94,524 vehicles, an increase in production of 20% ​​​​compared to 2021.
On the export side, Renault Group Morocco exports about 86% of the production of its two factories. The Tangier plant shipped about 237,436 vehicles, or about 93% of its production, while the Casablanca plant exported more than 63,962, or about 68% of its production.
In total, 301,398 vehicles produced in the Tangier and Casablanca factories were exported to 71 destinations around the world. By 2022, the Group’s exports will represent 70% of vehicle exports from the Kingdom.
The Moroccan industrial hub is one of the pillars of the Renault Group’s global industrial base, with vehicles “made in Morocco” representing more than 17% of the Group’s global sales in 2022.

301,398 vehicles produced in the Tangier and Casablanca factories were exported to 71 destinations around the world.

Introduction of electrification technologies
The year 2022 also marks the start of the industrialization at the Tangier plant of a 100% electric vehicle: Mobilize DUO. Focused on shared, compact and connected mobility, Mobilize DUO aims to incorporate 50% recycled materials in its production and be 90% recyclable at the end of its life.
The introduction of DUO at the Tangier plant is supported by the investment of a new assembly line that will bring together a process specific to the particularity of an electric vehicle and reinforce the Group’s confidence in the Moroccan industrial platform.

A new step forward for the Renault ecosystem
The development of the Renault ecosystem has taken a new step thanks to the strategic partnership concluded between Renault and Managem Group for a sustainable supply of Moroccan cobalt aimed at securing low-carbon cobalt sulphate produced in Morocco and guaranteeing traceability of the supply chain. of electric batteries made in Europe. An agreement that will support the depth of the Renault ecosystem and further strengthen Morocco’s positioning as a platform for the production and export of motor vehicles, parts and now strategic raw materials of Moroccan origin.

The group’s brands are at the top of the national market
Marked by a crisis in household purchasing power and supply difficulties, the Moroccan market is down 8% compared to 2021. Renault Group Morocco stressed that it has strengthened its leadership with its Dacia and Renault brands respectively in 1st and 2nd place in the market and which gathers a total of 65,287 vehicles sold representing 40.4% of the market share (+0.6% vs 2021).
Also, in 2022, Renault Group Morocco launched the deployment of new visual identities for the Dacia and Renault brands throughout its commercial network, the largest in the Kingdom with 91 sales and service points.

Symbolic stages and assignments
The 2022 fiscal year is also an opportunity to look back on the path taken by the Moroccan automotive industry. First to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Renault Group plant in Tangier, a catalyst for the transformation of the entire Moroccan automotive industry and a symbol of the partnership between the Kingdom and the Renault Group. A pioneering factory that now has more than 2,450,000 vehicles produced in 10 years.
A true institution of the Moroccan automotive industry, the historic Renault Group factory in Casablanca, Somaca, celebrated the roll off the line of its 1,000,000th vehicle produced since 2005, thus reaching a new milestone in history this.

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