“I need a good organization to combine freelance and courses”

After obtaining his Economic and Social baccalaureate in 2019, Eliott Duflos decided not to go through the Parcoursup platform. Interested in communication, the student joined ISCOM in the first year. Having grown up on YouTube and social networks, he turned to this field, which according to him “training for the jobs of tomorrow”. Currently in the master 1 “Creation and Brand Design”, the graphics, photo and video enthusiast, returns for Studyrama on his career, as well as his freelance experience as a student.

Eliott Duflos, Master 1 student at Iscom Lille

Can you tell us about your freelance experience? How to start freelancing while studying?

I started freelancing two years ago. Once in the video world, I developed skills early. Like a first professional experience outside of school. I met people who had video needs that I could bring to them. Being a freelancer is something I enjoy doing because I work different customers and for different projects. Creating in general is a real passion for me now. This explains my motivation, because I have a lot of work besides taking my classes. In any case, you should have Good organizationof determination and some motivation as possible manage their lives between classes, work and activities. I try to combine all three.

How have your professional experiences allowed you to specialize in graphic design?

At a young age, I started making videos and gradually moved into photography. When I arrived at ISCOM, I discovered the graphic creation, and that directly fascinated me. Different 360 communication creation courses are offered there: art history, DTP, brand creation, content creation, video, photo, as well as motion design. My goal is to become an art director. My first professional experience was an internship in the ÏDKIDS group. As manager of internal communication, I took care of the video, the photo editing, the writing of articles and the organization of an international fashion show with more than 500 people. This experience helped me to know what I want to do in the future. The following year, I did an internship at Decathlon as a Content Leader. My missions are to propose new trends in the market by creating competitive intelligence and content creation. These different experiences have helped me choose the specialization “Brand Creation and Design” at ISCOM.

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You are part of “Generation Z”: how have social networks and video platforms helped you in the delivery of your project?

Growing up on YouTube made me want to create. This is the reason why I started to have an interest in the field of creation and especially in video. YouTube is a kind of model and also a dream when I was young. The platform helped my imagination a lot. Now there is there are many content creators who inspire and meets the needs of all. I am still learning today thanks to YouTube by developing my skills in graphic design, art direction, video and photography.

What is your secret to success?

If we really love what we do, you must not let go, because it is normal to experience failures sometimes. They will live completely because they are part of life and let you succeed in a better way. It is important to have a thirst and curiosity to discover new things, new trends, to never give up on your project. The goal is always to find more, to don’t be afraid of people’s eyes and judgment they may have. You can always learn things by trusting yourself and practicing the skills you already have.

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