How to become an event project manager at ESUPCOM?

The organization of fairs, artistic and musical events or even conferences… Events are a very special branch in the communication professions, which requires stimulating field work, where one must show rigor and organization to deal with the unexpected! Want to be an event project manager? Discover the Event Communication Master degree delivered by ESUPCOM, a school specialized in communication professions.

Being a project manager in events: a special branch in the communication professions

What is the event?

In the communication sector, the profession of event project manager is rich and requires different skills. But first of all, a question: what are the events? It is a broad field, combining many professions. We also often talk about event production. In the broadest sense, this is everything related to the organization and holding of events, whatever they are.

Why became an event project manager? A job without routine

Events are above all a sector where you will never get bored! Every event is different, so routine has no place. The types of events are many (trade fairs, congresses, conventions, private parties, birthdays, festive evenings, cocktails, award ceremonies or even concerts and festivals) and it is possible to work in many sectors and structures (communication event of the agency, for advertisers, in the culture and sports sectors, for major trade fairs or tourist offices, or even for the organization of weddings).

For Pascal Toth, director of ESUPCOM, “Event communication is a sector that people always dream about. Plan to manage better, organize to make people dream, the good news is that ESUPCOM taught it ».

Focus on the event project manager profession


So what does a project manager do on a day-to-day basis? It is mainly about project management to bring a given event to life. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the latter (facilitate meetings with its customers to find out their needs, write specifications, plan a budget and make a proposal for a customer communication plan), then coordinate various stages of its preparation (meeting with all stakeholders, service providers, location selection, etc.). And on D-Day, you have to be everywhere: meetings, installing stands, welcoming service providers, setting up the stage, kakemonos… In other words, making sure everything is organized and informed how to manage the unexpected! English can also play an important role in this versatile position, in the context of events with an international dimension.

Characteristics required

What is the ideal profile to become a project manager in the event industry? There is no standard profile. It is mainly a field job, which can be learned “on the job”. However, an event project manager must have the skills and qualities essential to the proper execution of his missions: organizational and rigorous, interpersonal skills (with clients, but also service providers), fluency in English, hope and resistance. stress and the unexpected on D-Day, creativity, versatility, resourcefulness…

Evolutionary prospects

At the end of his studies, and especially his internships, the junior event project manager may decide to evolve with the advertiser to manage events from A to Z, or join a dedicated structure, such as a event agency. . He can also start as a freelance event manager with little experience.

There are many job offers in the event sector, which is booming, especially after the Covid period. Events continue and with them, the activity of event project managers!

Become an international event manager

And the international, in all this? How do you say event project manager in English? Event manager, of course! At ESUPCOM, English is an important part of the lessons. With a good dose of determination and the desire to go abroad, it is quite possible to evolve into a position of international event project manager. Often, we also need event project managers who are able to communicate in English, within the framework of the organization of international events, such as conferences or trade fairs. Therefore, you should not neglect Shakespeare’s language if you want to become a project manager or event manager. Event communication is universal and events are held worldwide.

In ESUPCOM, a Masters to become an event project manager?

Focus on ESUPCOM, the school of communication professions

To become an event project manager, why not join a higher education institution dedicated to communication professions? This is the assurance that will benefit from the appropriate training provided by professionals in the sector. ESUPCOM is a recognized school in its field that accepts students at five campuses in France (Lille, Lyon, Aix, Reims, and Paris). It offers courses in different specializations to train in all communication professions, from bac +2 to bac +5 level. Its effective pedagogy is based on innovation and digital technology. This allows you to train in an agile way for professions that require true versatility. Events are an important part of ESUPCOM’s training offer and students who want to specialize in this field will learn the profession of event project manager.

What baccalaureate do you need to do to become an event project manager? All general and professional baccalaureates provide access to communication training at ESUPCOM. Admission is on file, all profiles are considered.

What training to choose at ESUPCOM to become an event project manager?

To become an event project manager by studying at ESUPCOM, there are many paths available to you. You can join the school directly after the baccalaureate and join the Bachelor program, which can be completed in three years. In the first two generalist years, you will learn the basics of communication, then you can specialize by choosing the Events and Public Relations option. These courses are available on a work-study basis from the second year.

Once licensed, the Event Communication Master is accessible to students who want to specialize in events to become a project manager. It is a two-year work-study course accessible after a Bachelor’s degree or a bac +3 obtained at another higher establishment. The goal? Be quick to operate, take responsibility for projects, know how to organize an event from A to Z. At the end of this Masters, graduates are ready to evolve in a company, an agency or even under the status of auto-entrepreneur.

The main role of job placements

The event project manager is a profession that is learned by doing. This is why internships and work-study programs are so important. ESUPCOM makes every effort to help students find the perfect company for their work-study and internship thanks to its wide network of partner companies and personalized support throughout the course.

The salary of an event project manager

Is there a fee for the event? How much does an event project manager make? It is difficult to say, because it depends on the structure and sector of activity in which you hold your position. It is estimated that at the beginning of his career, the event project manager can claim an average salary of 2,200 euros gross per month.

As you already understand, events is an exciting sector where there are many opportunities and job prospects. Creating or managing an event is a rewarding and stimulating mission. When you are an event project manager, the days follow each other and are never the same! Digital also occupies a growing place with the emergence of online events and new forms of communication… If being an event project manager appeals to you, then the training provided by ESUPCOM is made for you

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