DIRECT. Montpellier-PSG: The Parisians remain on the break


The Parisians, without ideas and drafts, were hooked by Montpellier at the break. Kylian Mbappé and Sergio Ramos are absent due to injury.

45+3′. Offside Hakimi

The Moroccan tried to enter the box leaning on Ekitike, who handed it to him but the linesman raised his flag.

45+1′. Montpellier doesn’t try much

Mavididi tries to fight alone but Hakimi recovers the ball. The Héraultais were content to defend well.

45′. Four minutes of added time

44′. The Savannah Festival

The Montpellier leader made a fine hat-trick on Fabian Ruiz, to the applause of La Mosson. He then tried to combine with Germain, but he lost the ball.

43′. Lionel Messi shoots the free kick over the wall

42′. Interesting free kick for Paris

Lionel Messi can shoot a full axis free kick 23m from Lecomte’s cage.

41′. PSG still in control of the ball

The Parisians still have possession and rotate the ball without finding solutions. Only Lionel Messi tries to create.

38′. Status

The Parisians have not attempted a shot since the release of Kylian Mbappé.

37′. Mbappé’s injury image

Kylian Mbappé was hit in the back of the thigh. Sylvain THOMAS / AFP

36′. Marquinhos is watching

On a Montpellier counter, the Brazilian defender read the game well and calmly recovered the ball in his area.


The Argentinian was correctly flagged offside. Still 0-0.


On a cross from Achraf, Vitinha played the ball forward to Messi, who controlled the ball and tricked Lecomte.

32′. What a chance for PSG!

Lionel Messi takes his free kick but deflects it for a corner. The latter gave nothing.

31′. Two injured for PSG

One week from OM-PSG and two from PSG-Bayern, Kylian Mbappé and Sergio Ramos are out due to injury.

30′. Sergio Ramos was also injured

The Spaniard appeared injured and explained that he was dizzy. Enter Renato Sanches.

29′. Too much technical waste for PSG

Soler tries a through pass that goes straight into Lecomte’s gloves.

28′. Free kick missed for Savanier

The Hérault leader placed the ball above Donnarumma’s cage.

27′. The free kick was well placed for Montpellier

On a counter, Mavididi was hooked by Sergio Ramos at the entrance to the penalty area. Full axis free kick at 23m for Téji Savanier…

26′. Imprecise Hakimi

Hakimi tries to find Ekitike at the entrance to the penalty area but he fights off Estève.

24′. Just one shot on target for Paris

One shot on target in five attempts, against zero strikes for Montpellier.

23′. Some movements on the part of Paris

Paris players demand the ball at their feet and can’t find fault with Montpellier’s low block. Lots of technical rubbish.

22′. Status

74% possession for PSG against 26 for Montpellier.

20′. Nightmare night for Kylian Mbappé

After missing his penalty twice, the Frenchman came out clutching the back of his thigh. May worry before facing OM and Bayern…

19′. Kylian Mbappé is out due to injury

The French lie down on the grass and demand change. He would have been injured in a duel with Leroy. He was replaced by Ekitike to the applause of the Mosson stadium.

18′. Danilo doesn’t fit

With a corner taken from the left side, Danilo took the ball with his head but his attempt was off target.

17′. Messi can’t kick

Messi rushes into the penalty area but is followed by four Montpellier. His shot was finally blocked.

16′. PSG can’t

Achraf Hakimi crossed the head of Sergio Ramos who was struggling to get into shooting position.

15′. Free kick for PSG

Mbappé latched onto the left corner post. Messi’s free kick did nothing.

14′. Mbappé’s failure in the picture

13′. Ramos stays on the ground

The Spanish defender remains on the ground after a free kick duel. The game is currently paused.

12′. Yellow card for Danilo

The Portuguese caught Savanier trying to serve Mavididi deep.

11′. Status

The fifth penalty was missed by Kylian Mbappé in 25 attempts.


The Frenchman misses again and sends his ball onto the post! He got the ball back then but put the ball over the top!


Benjamin Lecomte’s feet are out of line. The penalty must be revoked.


Lecomte stops Kylian Mbappé’s attempt.


With Messi’s free kick, Ramos was hooked into the box by Jullien.

6′. Savanier fouls Messi

The Argentinian rose without concern. Free kick at 33m full axis for the Parisians


5′. Mbappé failed to strike

The Parisians put their feet on the ball and rotate between the central defenders. Mbappé tried to keep up with Messi but failed to strike.

3′. Montpellier is studious

Hakimi tries to find Vitinha deep but it is blocked. Good start to the match against Montpellier.

2′. The defense of Paris was at bay

Sacko breaks down the right and sends in a cross, poorly cleared by Ramos. He took the ball and crossed again but the Paris defense came out.

1′. Let’s go to Mosson stadium!

The referee, Mr. Jérémie Pignard, whistled for kick-off. Parisians rent.


22 actors entered the grass


OM put PSG under pressure

Thanks to its win against Nantes tonight (0-2), Olympique de Marseille temporarily took second place in the standings and two small points behind PSG, who play in Montpellier.


Kylian Mbappé is no longer top scorer in Ligue 1

Thanks to his hat-trick against Lorient, Balogun leads the ranking of top scorers in Ligue 1 with 14 goals. Kylian Mbappé, with 13 victories, can answer him tonight…


And now it’s Kylian Mbappé’s turn to warm up


The man with the whistle tonight is Mr. Jérémie Pignard


Montpellier wants to get away from the relegation zone

After a string of poor performances, Montpellier breathed a breath of fresh air by beating Auxerre (0-2) on Sunday and are currently 14th in the standings.


Paris goalkeepers warming up


Time for a change for Galtier?

After his team’s draw against Reims, the Parisian coach had to make tough decisions to remobilize his team, which has been inactive since the beginning of the year. For more information, click here.

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