ᑕ❶ᑐ Last transfer day in Europe is Enzo at Chelsea, away star for PSG and former Corinthians in the Premier League

European football was busy on Tuesday due to the final day of the winter transfer window

It is officially closed the winter transfer window of the best leagues in Europe. And, as has been the practice for many years, many deals were noticed exactly on the last day of the market, when there was a natural rush to close a sale or agree to take a back-up for the team. looking for new faces.

Or Deadline had a little of everything: player leaving his current club for a rival from the same city, in a hurry to hire to fill the void of someone who has been hurt, star in the country’s transformation and even Leaving a team when closing a deal that was sent. And look, some transactions didn’t even happen…

Find below the main offers of the last open day in Europe:

Enzo is not Chelsea

Or Chelsea He has already opened his wallet to spend millions and millions of euros to revamp his mid-season squad. And he hit the last shot a few minutes before closing the window, with the signature of Enzo Fernandezworld champion with Argentina.

To close the soap opera and remove the midfielder Benficabone Blue ones agreed to pay 120 million euros (661 million reais), in the most expensive signing in Premier League history. The former disc is proprietary City of Manchester e Jack Greish.

Canceled in Bayern

full holder of City of Manchester by winning the second championship of premier leaguein 2020/21 and 2021/22, João Cancelo probably had the biggest impact of the European window when he left Pep Guardiola’s side to play in Bayern Munich. Or the contract is for a loan until June with an expected purchase clause at 70 million euros (R$ 386 million) at the end of the agreement.

But what prompted the Portuguese winger to leave England for Germany? Guardiola himself is the answer, as disagreements between the player and the City manager cut the player’s spell short. According to English newspapers, the last straw was Cancelo’s absence as a starter in the game against Arsenal in the FA Cup.

Jorginho not Arsenal

Changing clubs in the same country is difficult enough. If it’s a rival, well… That’s exactly what happened Jorginhoan Italian naturalized Brazilian midfielder who is in Chelsea and has just been announced as the new reinforcement of Arsenal. Mikel Arteta’s team called 12 million pounds (R$ 75.6 million) and signed with the player for a year and a halfuntil June 2024.

Number 5 collected titles at Stamford Bridge, including Champions League in 2020/21 and the Club World Cup of 2021, against Palm trees. However, the Blue ones some players had to be let go after spending too much money on the market. At Arsenal, Jorginho came as an option to rotate in midfield and has a chance to win the Premier League, as the Gunners they are leaders.

How about Isco? And Ziyech?

Multichampion with the jersey of real MadridIsco has even been announced as a reinforcement of Union Berlinfrom Germany, after playing the first half of the season for Seville. However, the parties backed out of the deal, for reasons that are not entirely clear. The players’ representatives blamed the club, which blamed Isco.

“During the talks, we realized that the other negotiating party (Union Berlin) is no longer ready to comply with what was initially discussed”, reasoned the foundation, who looked after Isco’s career. “We would have liked to have Isco but we have our limits. Unlike previous agreements, these have been violated today,” said the Union’s director of football, Oliver Ruhnert.

Another negotiation that went wrong was traveling to Loan from Hakim Ziyech to PSG. Due to the documents not being sent on time by Chelsea, the Moroccan did not complete his transfer to the French club.

Sabitzer not United

Desperately chasing a midfielder to take a starting spot Christian Eriksonwho suffered a serious injury and had to spend at least three months without playing, the Manchester United acted quickly and closed the acquisition of Marcel Sabitzermake Bayern Munich. The deal was made on a short loan, until the end of the season, with a buyout clause at the end of the obligation.

At Old Trafford, Sabitzer will have the chance to rediscover the beautiful football that brought him to the giants of Bundesliga. The Austrian defended Bayern for a season and a half, with a performance below expectations: only two goals in 54 games.

Departure from Barcelona

current leader of The league and still alive in the dispute of European Leagueoh Barcelona making little movement in the market. The exit door was opened Hector Bellerinright-back handed to Jockof Portugal, definitely fill the vacant post of Pedro Porroin the path of Tottenham.

Brazilians in England

Of course, there will be negotiations with Brazilian players in the market. Marquinhosthe abuser revealed no São Pauloleft Arsenal Norwichfrom England, and will return to play with gabriel sarahhis partner since the day of his main category in Morumbi.

Another also changing club in Europe is Philipprotector who is in Atlético Madrid many years ago and made a deal to defend Nottingham Forest. In the English club, the Brazilian defender champion of Corinthians in 2015 will be a partner of Danilo and Gustavo Scarpaduo contracted from Palm treesFurious Renan Lodi.

Last transfer day in Europe is Enzo at Chelsea, away star for PSG and former Corinthians in the Premier Leagueplayer


Felipe left Atletico Madrid and was announced by the Premier League team

The Defender was announced this Tuesday (31)

new club sailors

Multi-Champion Goalie real Madrid e PSG, finally, he will leave the position contested by Gianluigi Donnarumma in France to probably become full holder of Nottingham Forest. The English club, one of the busiest in the market, looked to the experienced archer for a respect to give the team more baggage.

Emerging danger – but it’s not…

Eden Hazard continues to sign and strong no real Madrideven without the space that many white supporters imagined. His brother, however, had just changed clubs.

Thorgan’s danger was announced on Tuesday in support of PSV, from Holland, a club with names like Romário and Ronaldo in the past. The Belgian arrived in Eindhoven to replace Madueke and Gakporespectively moved to Chelsea e Liverpool.

Reinforcement for Simeone

where real Madrid was empty in the transfer window, Atlético de Madrid did more than lose Felipe Nottingham Forest. The team managed by Diego Simeone was able to close with the right-back Matt Doherty, from Tottenham, on loan until the end of the season. For its place, Tottenham announcement Pedro Porro.

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