Myles Turner wants to play full-time pivot again before extending to the Pacers

Hey KP, you don’t have to answer that “, relaxed Myles Turner toward his GM, Kevin Pritchard, who was sitting next to him. A reporter just asked if the player’s extension meant he was officially unavailable on the transfer market. Rick Carlisle begins by formally answering yes.

Before the Pacers leader, according to which the team’s two players asked him last week if they would be traded, confirmed it: We don’t sign a player to move him. »

It should bury the speculation around a potential pivot transfer, which does not hide itself knowing ” a sense of relief, knowing that there is some security and that I can concentrate on the game. I experienced it (rumors) throughout my career. But I like it here in Indy. »

Unexpected results

The pivot, however, went through various stages before the start of this two-year, 60 million dollar extension was completed. We especially remember his declaration of love made to the Lakers, in October, when there was talk of trading him and Buddy Hield for Russell Westbrook. ” Let’s be real, it’s bad for the franchise to not make a big trade. “, delivered the pivot.

We also remember that a few months earlier, the Pacers showed themselves that they were willing to break the bank for Deandre Ayton, by offering him a record “offer sheet” of $133 million over four that year. The arrival of the Suns pivot likely marks the end of the marriage between Myles Turner and the Pacers.

That marriage was ultimately renewed because of one important factor: the Pacers winning. Despite their major developmental struggles, Indiana players (24 wins – 28 losses) are still in the race for the “play-in” and defy predictions. And the pivot has a lot to do with it.

From his rookie year to now, there is a big difference. He’s developed within this franchise, we’ve seen him play his best basketball this season. It’s really proud to see him sitting and doing what he does. We still have a lot to do but it’s a good day for the franchise “, Kevin Pritchard appreciated, highlighting the player’s human qualities. ” I still believe the best is yet to come “, He slipped.

Alongside the two men, Rick Carlisle listed the positives about his player, ” his love for the game, his loyalty to his teammates, this city and our vision, his commitment to development… The technician said, “ since he returned to his natural pivot position, we’ve seen great things “. And the Pacers coach recalled a meeting last year, against the Rockets, where Myles Turner dominated the proceedings (32 points and 10 rebounds) without Domantas Sabonis.

The Tyrese Haliburton Postman

His association with the Lithuanian, finally traded last season, did not work out. So Myles Turner” ventured as Kevin Pritchard says: We’ve talked about an extension in the past. But he wants one more year, he wants to play in his position, where he is most comfortable. »

The bet paid off as Tyrese Haliburton, who arrived from the Kings in place of Domantas Sabonis, was a driving force behind the pivot.

Playing with great point guards definitely helped “Rick Carlisle said, pointing to Tyrese Haliburton, who was present at this introductory press conference before the rest of his teammates.” It’s one of the best pick-and-roll combinations in the league‘”, his GM completed.

I think it made things easier when I was given a full-time pivot position. This is definitely something I was looking for “, confirms the player who was drafted in 2015 by the Pacers (11th choice), who found ” it was amazing to see the same faces as at the beginning of my journey. I have a very strong belief in this franchise and this city, it was a big factor in my decision to stay. »

Myles Turner Percentage Bounces
Season Team GM minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early p.d party Int bp CT Points
2015-16 IND 60 23 49.8 21.4 72.7 1.1 4.4 5.5 0.7 2.6 0.4 1.1 1.4 10.3
2016-17 IND 81 31 51.0 34.5 80.9 1.7 5.6 7.3 1.3 3.2 0.9 1.3 2.1 14.5
2017-18 IND 65 28 47.9 35.7 77.7 1.4 5.0 6.4 1.3 2.9 0.6 1.5 1.8 12.7
2018-19 IND 74 29 48.7 38.8 73.6 1.4 5.8 7.2 1.6 2.6 0.8 1.4 2.7 13.3
2019-20 IND 62 30 45.7 34.4 75.1 1.4 5.2 6.6 1.2 2.7 0.7 1.4 2.1 12.1
2020-21 IND 47 31 47.7 33.5 78.2 1.3 5.2 6.5 1.0 3.5 0.9 1.4 3.4 12.6
2021-22 IND 42 29 50.9 33.3 75.2 1.6 5.5 7.1 1.1 2.8 0.7 1.3 2.8 12.9
2022-23 IND 43 30 54.4 39.3 76.2 1.5 6.3 7.8 1.4 3.2 0.6 1.6 2.4 17.5
Total 474 29 49.5 35.4 76.7 1.4 5.4 6.8 1.2 2.9 0.7 1.4 2.3 13.2

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