“Mikal Bow”, the new trigger for the Suns

Heroic victory after extra time against Spurs, Mikal Bridges provided a layer tonight against the Raptors to grab the win. Author of 16 points in the first quarter, the Phoenix winger showed a “clutch attitude” with two baskets in the middle to give the Suns a three-point lead two minutes from the end (103-100). Seconds later, it was Chris Paul, after a big offensive rebound from Torrey Craig, who put the cover on a 3-pointer.

Author of 29 points, Mikal Bridges is already known as the “Iron Man” of the Suns, and since then he has recovered a new nickname: “Mikal Bow”. There is no link to a singer or actor, and Deandre Ayton explains the beginning.

“They laugh at me because they think I get it every time”

“I looked at Book’ and told him, ‘These are your systems'” said the Suns pivot. “You know, Mikal wants the ball all the time there (remember: the angle of the racket, called “elbow”). At the end of the match, twice in a row, we looked for him. On each side. For everyone, the coach, the players, became Mikal Bow. Because Mikal likes that “elbow”. »

Therefore, it’s a play on words, and you have to say “Mik Elbow”, and it’s actually Bridges who has made up for the systems that are usually designed for Booker in the mid-range. Inevitably, this nickname makes him happy.

“They were laughing at me because they thought I was taking it every time, and so I became Mikal Bow. I felt like I was unmarked for half an hour. They just made a little joke. »

For his coach, this is an opportunity to have a player capable of bringing variations to the attack, while this “spot” is also appreciated by Chris Paul. “He and Chris knew we couldn’t run the same system, so they took a different route,” Review by Monty Williams. “It’s the same type of system, but they took a different route and Mikal found us another good shot. That’s the experience you look for in guys late in the game, to run the same system but different- it’s another to try and get a good shot. »

“When you start to have the ball often and you are a scorer, you start to find solutions”

On the pass, Chris Paul appreciates the ability to rely on another striker to replace him, pending the return of Devin Booker.

“Cool… He put it on the first time, and then I looked at him, and I let him know that we’re going to play on his side again. When you start to have the ball often and you are a scorer, you start to find solutions. When Book and I are not around, he has a lot of responsibilities. »

A confidence that everyone feeds off of, and that’s what the coach has maintained.

“We see Mikal coming out of it at this moment. I think the players give him a lot of confidence, but he also has confidence in himself because he works hard for it and he doesn’t worry about the consequences. Chris was very good at finding her in her favorite spots. »

“Glue guy” for several seasons and considered the team’s best defender, Mikal Bridges has reached an offensive milestone, and he has Chris Paul and Devin Booker to thank.

“I’m just thankful to have guys like Chris and Book, and to see them, and see what they’re doing. Their way of finding their “spots” and their shots” ends with Bridges. You know, we’re all basketball players, and when a system works, we’re going to keep using it. »

Mikal Bridges Percentage Bounces
Season Team GM minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early p.d party Int bp CT Points
2018-19 PHX 82 30 43.0 33.5 80.5 0.7 2.5 3.2 2.1 2.5 1.6 0.9 0.5 8.3
2019-20 PHX 73 28 51.0 36.1 84.4 0.9 3.1 4.0 1.8 2.2 1.4 1.0 0.6 9.1
2020-21 PHX 72 33 54.3 42.5 84.0 1.1 3.2 4.3 2.1 1.6 1.1 0.8 0.9 13.5
2021-22 PHX 82 35 53.4 36.9 83.4 0.9 3.3 4.2 2.3 1.8 1.2 0.8 0.4 14.2
2022-23 PHX 51 37 46.0 39.3 89.1 1.0 3.4 4.4 3.5 2.1 1.2 1.4 0.8 16.5
Total 360 32 49.9 37.7 84.4 0.9 3.1 4.0 2.3 2.0 1.3 0.9 0.6 12.0

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