▷ Iconosquare simplifies the life of social media managers

Whether you work for a com agency, a brand, or a freelancer, this article is for you!

Your social networks need your attention to work, otherwise what’s the point of investing.

An infinity of solutions are available to you, which one to choose? Iconosquare can meet your needs and more!

I thought I understood what you were looking for a complete, all-in-one tool that allows you to manage all your social networks, plan your content in advance and make data-driven decisions thanks to more than 100 reliable and high-quality that data. ?

Listen, is it good? Because I can tell you with certainty that the following will change your life as a network professional!


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Iconosquare, kesako?

Iconosquare supports social media managers to simplify their lives. All the little daily tasks that are long and tedious, but necessary and waste valuable time. Iconosquare has-to-mise them.

Your favorite social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even TikTok) are included on the Iconosquare platform and at your fingertips. Optimize your time by going directly to the management of your networks in Ico.

Actually, Iconosquare offers you 6 categories of functionalities that you can see a platform as intuitive as it is aesthetic. Tadaaaa:

  1. The Statistics allows you to visualize your indicators, to make better decisions – based on the performance of your posts ?
  2. The Customizable and automated reportsimportant to keep track of the statistics that matter to you ?
  3. The part publish that saves your time (and your sanity) with a (really stylish) Auto Planner ⏰
  4. The collaboration tools is useful and not trivial if you work in a team or need proofreading or validation before publishing ?
  5. The part Conversations which allows you to identify unread comments and mentions and reply to them directly from the platform ?
  6. The standby tools to keep an eye on your competitors, your sector of activity, your hashtags, and adapt accordingly, it’s up to you to play spies! ?

In summary, Iconosquare helps you reduce time spent on boring tasksto free up your time working on strategy, creating posts, writing captions (everything that makes you a talented and brilliant SMM, what!).

Iconosquare, who is it for?

Ico has more than 20,000 social media managers in 140 countries. If there is indeed a universal language, it is in numbers! We repeat, if you have at least one social network, Iconosquare will save you time! And in Ico, the more you have to manage, the less work you have to do.

Freelancers who manage their clients’ networks benefit from it thanks to the ease of navigation between profiles and ease of handling.

In-house social media managers who need to manage the social media presence of several offices/countries/subsidiaries love Iconosquare for its versatility.

Com agencies use Ico for its efficient and powerful reporting tools; really useful when managing dozens or even hundreds of customers!

We still remind you why to choose Iconosquare:

To make it clear, clean and precise:

  • 100% French, Iconosquare comes from the southwest, a pure local product!
  • Reliable. We accompany you on your adventures with the most developed statistics on the market.
  • Performance. You will never find a more responsive and efficient tool than Iconosquare since our redesign. New features ? There will be something for everyone!
  • Intuitive. No wonder, beautiful, beautiful, Ico.

Now, it’s your turn to play!

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The article was written in collaboration with Iconosquare.

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