When Volkswagen and Skoda revisit the vehicle test

To bring more qualified leads to their network, Volkswagen and Skoda launched tests between individuals in the ID range, and at home in Enyaq models. The aim is also to create a community, an additional source of information for future electric car customers.

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The Volkswagen Ambassador Club connects owners of ID electric vehicles. and future buyers.


When try it, it is to adopt it. The Volkswagen automotive group decided to bring this adage a little more up-to-date with a revisit to the vehicle tests. For Skoda France, there is even talk of relaunching a new seduction operation with home tests, as Renault has already proposed for its Zoé in 2018. From Wednesday January 11, 2023, it really started the brand of a communication campaign aimed at customers interested in the Enyaq and Enyaq Coupé electric SUV. They can be test them when and where they want with Skoda experts, or rather product genius sent to UX2-La Squadra.

Skoda home tests

As indicated on the online registration platform, the customer chooses his time slot, his meeting place, and then can walk for about 1h30 to realize the use of the electric car in the daily journey, passing the recharging points , for example, or connecting places of residence and work. “It’s more of a 5-6 km loop, the test should last long enough to answer all the questions the customers have », emphasizes Skoda’s management. And add: “We found that many people say they are ready to consider driving an electric car, but those who dare to explore it are fewer. So we want to improve our pedagogy and remove barriers to personalized this service. Our goal is also to discover Enyaq, customers will try it and be conquered. We are a challenger brand whose development also involves electrification. We help convert the sales of those who are already buying” . It should be noted that home tests are possible in a dozen cities in France, with network vehicles mobilized for the occasion and nearly fifty experts ready to accompany the testers. About 90% of the territory is covered by this offer.

Skoda claims that in the first two and three days of the launch, about fifteen prospects “stated” and ask for dates. The teams leave each other for three months, and if the seduction operation proves to be credible, it can be extended over time or to other brands of the Volkswagen group.

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Skoda launched its home trials on January 11, 2023.


Volkswagen’s peer-to-peer test

Through its VW brand, the Volkswagen France group is also experimenting with tests between individuals. According to Gerrit Heimberg, the director, “Although the internet can be very brutal at times when something does not work, it is at the same time a very powerful and positive source of information, and reviews can give confidence in buying a product. We have a brand with a strong heritage, and where there are many enthusiasts, especially electrics, those who are fascinated by technology and want to share their experience. until now, we don’t capitalize with this strength and so we had the idea to bring together happy people and use their experience of at least 3 months as owners of ID range vehicles. “.

In fact, Volkswagen was launched its ambassador club at the beginning of the year, after reaching out to its base of 2,300 ID customers. to take part in tests between individuals with their 100% electric vehicle. In just two weeks of launch, 155 owners registered, confirmed with the manager, and even organized a test of an ID.4 in Toulouse on January 23, 2023. “There will be no intervention on our part to stay true to our approach, except to call people back to find out if the test went well, emphasizes Gerrit Heimberg. We want to create emotion around the brand and its ID range. and an engaged community, which can be a real source of additional information for our customers in the future. Our goal is also to create qualified leads for our network and to reassure people by having a different discourse from dealers. They are enthusiastic about this project”.

Obviously, this service should also increase sales by turning these qualified leads into buyers for the dealership closest to the ambassador, but the manager says that doesn’t count the potential revenue. He is convinced that this service will grow and the results of the first six months will be reliable.

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