The ARC Foundation is raising papillomavirus awareness on Twitter!

Starting today, Monday January 30, 2023, the ARC Foundation is signing a new campaign. This time, he is with the agency Havas Paris Social and Twitter France. As part of World Cancer Day, February 4, this campaign aims to prevent young people from a deadly virus. “We will not stop HPV from flying. The only solution is to get vaccinated. » This slogan encourages vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV). The goal? Raise awareness among young people of the dangers of transmitting this virus. This awareness-raising operation comes in a seriously unique comic book format: the #ReportPapilloma! It is a fun and unrestrained activation to encourage vaccination, recommended from the age of 11, and to remove the taboos surrounding HPV.

The papillomavirus: a virus that worries us all!

“In France, 6,300 new cases of cancer are caused by papillomaviruses, 25% of which occur in men, which the public knows little about. It remains a major public health problem that French society has the means to eradicate through vaccination for boys and girls aged 11 to 14.warned Professor Gilbert Lenoir, vice-president of the ARC Foundation.

Behind its deceptively friendly name, “Papillomavirus”, actually hiding one of the most common STIs. About 80% of people are infected with the HPV virus during their lifetime. Most infections occur during first intercourse. In about 90% of cases, the HPV virus disappears within 2 years. And the infection is pointless. However, in about 10% of cases, the infection persists and can then turn into cancer.

Image credit: ARC Foundation / Havas Paris Social

To reach young people directly and approach the topic of papillomavirus without complexity, what could be better than a funny and unique comic strip? In any case, this is the inventive way that the communication agency Havas Paris Social and the ARC Foundation have come up with to raise awareness about the HPV vaccination. The latter is by far the best form of protection against these sexually transmitted viral infections.

“We want to thank the Havas Paris Social team for their unwavering commitment to our side. They took on this sensitive public health topic, understood its complexity, and designed a unique campaign that speaks to young people.added Dominique Bazy, President of the ARC Foundation. “I also thank Twitter France for its great support in spreading this awareness-raising operation”he concluded.

#ReportPapilloma: a funny campaign to talk about a serious topic

By allocating the talents of illustrator Clémentine Latron, and under the expert gaze of Dr Hélène Péré (HEGP, Paris), Havas social media created #RapportPapilloma.

The Havas Paris Social teams are proud to participate in this public utility campaign. Addressing young adults directly to remove prohibitive barriers to vaccination is a gamble. But we are convinced that they are the first to be concerned, and who should be the first to act”explained Mayada Boulos, Executive Co-President of Havas Paris.

Image credit: ARC Foundation / Havas Paris Social

This is a fictional scientific report. It comes in the form of little funny vignettes. They categorically reject all possible types of papillomavirus transmission. In this comic, two researchers examine different physical interactions. Thus, they provide teenagers with useful information to enable them to measure the risks associated with their sexual practices. They also remind them that the best way to guard against such an infection is vaccination!

Image credit: ARC Foundation / Havas Paris Social

A part of it “Papilloma Report” was announced from January 13 to 26 during the expo-event The wonderful, created by the ARC Foundation at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. The #papilloma Report will be released on the Twitter account from the ARC Foundation today, in the form of a thread, a series of tweets that will be displayed simultaneously. An innovative prevention campaign should boost vaccination which is still often neglected.

Image credit: ARC Foundation / Havas Paris Social

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