here are the new features expected in the Galaxy S23

While the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be announced in a few days, they may come with a new version of Samsung’s interface, One UI 5.1, based on Android 13. A leak shows the features that will appear there.

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A tradition that has gradually stuck with Samsung is the deployment of a new version of its One UI interface on the occasion of the presentation of its latest Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra will not break the rule, as they will appear with One UI 5.1 at the Galaxy Unpacked conference that will take place this Wednesday, February 1 at 7 pm The update was seen by WinFuture and Snoopy Tech on Twitter with a list of interface changes based on Android 13. A leak that will reveal all the details of this future version of One UI.

A UI 5.1 is expected to arrive first on the Galaxy S23, before being available on other Samsung smartphones: the brand has confirmed that it will be available on the flagship models launched since the Galaxy S20.

Changes brought by One UI 5.1 (Android 13)


We can change the color of a selfie more easily thanks to a new button “Effect» located on the side of the screen. The Expert RAW application will be more accessible from “Advanced“. As a reminder, it allows you to save images in RAW format, meaning without processing or compression, so you can edit them more deeply.


The first novelty is the arrival of the shared family album. Samsung’s Gallery app can recommend photos to add to it through facial recognition. Up to six people can be added to a shared family album, and each has 5GB of storage.

Another change: automatic processing can now remove shadows and reflections from images. In addition to that, we can improve the definition of GIFs automatically.

On the side of the app’s UI, viewing a photo or video, one can swipe up to see the “where and when the photo was taken, on which device, where it is stored“. The search tool allows you to find several people/things at the same time: you can do it without entering a name, just by clicking on a face. Last new thing, you can change the destination folder for screenshots (same for video recordings).

AR Zone and AR Emoji

The mode “masklets you take photos and videos with up to three people, replacing faces with emojis. Also, the layout and editing in AR Doodles is improved with more accessible brushes. One can also modify and move drawings even after their creation. Finally, the eraser tool can only erase part of a drawing.


New widgets are coming to One UI. The first is about the battery: it allows you to check the battery level of Galaxy devices, such as Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch or S Pen. A function found for several years on the iPhone and iPad. There is also a style change to the weather widget.

You can also set different wallpapers on the lock screen and the home screen depending on the activities: work, sport, etc. Finally, One UI 5.1 brings more conditions and actions for scenarios, especially when activating airplane mode or connection sharing. What open applications or adjust the audio balance, change the font style, change the ringtone, etc.


The Samsung Notes application sees the arrival of simultaneous collaboration with several people. You can also more easily invite other people to albums, notes, calendars thanks to the generation of shareable links.

The Galaxy Book mouse, keyboard and touchpad are now available on Galaxy smartphones and tablets compatible with this version of the interface. It allows you to copy-paste text or move documents. Samsung Internet Browser offers continuity of browsing from smartphone to laptop. Finally, when you show the screen of your Samsung phone on a TV through Smart View, you can deactivate notifications: enough to avoid the distractions that happen too often (and at the worst times). Moreover, we expect Samsung to announce a full range of Galaxy Book 3 during Galaxy Unpacked.


A UI 5.1 allows “minimize or maximize the app window without going through the settings menu“. The user can simply drag any of the corners of the associated popup window.

Also, in split screen, “The apps you use most often appear below recently used apps to help you find them faster“, we learned from the leaked update document.

Samsung DeX

DeX mode also gets better in One UI 5.1: in split-screen mode, you can drag the splitter in the middle of the screen to resize two windows at once. The update also makes it possible to place a window in a corner of the screen so that it occupies a quarter of it, as can be done in Windows for example.

Finally, if you want to listen to music on speakers connected via Wi-Fi via Spotify Connect or the integrated Chromecast, you can simply go through the multimedia output instead of going to the settings of the music streaming applications.

One UI 5 (Android 13): the list of Samsung compatibles and their update date

The full list of Galaxy smartphones that Samsung has updated with One UI 5 has just been leaked. Chances are that by January, most of the Samsung fleet should be upgraded to Android 13.
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