€300 on this Asus gaming PC

Regularly, the Daily Geek Show offers you products that may be of interest to you. Today, we offer you an article that will undoubtedly delight gamers. This laptop, which will meet the expectations of the most demanding gamers, is on promotion.

Your gaming experience becomes overpowered with ROG Strix G17. With its powerful processor and powerful graphics card GeForce RTX, you get speed in your games and other tasks! Go full throttle on the latest esports titles with a pro-grade display or dive into the finest detail with the WQHD panel option. Adaptive-Sync technology makes gameplay smoother while advanced cooling helps keep you cool even when you’re under pressure! No matter what game is launched, ROG Strix G17 helps you show your best score.

With its sporty design, ROG Strix G comes in three different colors: Stealthy Original Black, Eclipse Gray and Electro Punk. Choose the one that best suits your personality and show everyone your gaming style! You can play on any surface with Strix G and its chassis that is up to 7% smaller and more portable than the previous generation. Subtle lines and a ROG Back on Top logo adorn the bottom of the chassis so your PC stands out from any angle your competitors look at it! Put the spotlight on your setup with Aura Sync lighting that illuminates the metallic ROG logo, keyboard, and lightbar surrounding Strix G.

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Asus gaming laptop

For a tailored gaming experience, choose between two panels with high refresh rates. Aim for excellence in eSports with a gaming panel that offers the display speed of the best PCs used in tournaments. Or dive into the heart of an infinity of details with WQHD panel which combines high refresh rate with high quality resolution.

Play carefully thanks to the Strix G17 and its excellent cooling. It features a liquid metal thermal paste that is applied directly to the CPU to dissipate the heat it generates. Arc Flow fans have 84 blades whose new design moves more air while causing less turbulence. Air circulates through four radiators and fans to dissipate heat faster.

Asus gaming laptop

Both speak Smart Amp direct the sound towards you to maximize clarity. Put on your headphones to experience 5.1.2 surround sound quality through Dolby Atmos and immerse yourself in the heart of the action! Technology Two-Way AI Noise Cancellation filters out unwanted incoming and outgoing noise to improve the clarity of voice conversations with your teammates during a multiplayer game, your streams, etc.

With Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), play as fast as possible! This wireless connection standard boosts your bandwidth while increasing your PC’s energy efficiency and the reliability of your connections on busy networks. On the other hand, it offers reduced latencies for smoother games. Technology ROG RangeBoost improves the signal by analyzing its strength on four antennas and then activates the two best depending on the environment.

Asus gaming laptop

Vary the intensity of your lighting and let it There will be rise to fame on the battlefield! Keyboard lighting spreads across the key gaps while individual RGB key lighting (optional) lets you highlight your key controls. Customizable light bar colors around the chassis also enhance your setup.

This Asus gaming PC benefits from a 300 € reduction on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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