Paramount+ is completely free thanks to this amazing Orange offer

Orange is currently offering an incredible offer on Livebox Fiber, 80 GB mobile plan and Paramount + unlimited access for only 29.98 euros per month. This, while you usually have to pay at least 66.98 euros per month to take advantage of it. You will understand: by taking advantage of this, you can save an amazing amount of 44.99 euros per month, or 60% of the base price! The only downside: Paramount+ is only included for six months, but you’ll still earn about 500 euros in theory. In particular, the reduction amounts to 491.94 euros in one year of subscription.

I take advantage of the offer

With a twelve-month commitment, this offer will require you to pay Paramount+ for 7.99 euros per month after one semester. But this is completely optional. Also note that the price of the Livebox Fiber + 80 GB package reaches 29.98 euros per month here but it will drop to 66.98 euros per month after one year. Calls to French mobiles and landlines are included without limits, as well as SMS and MMS in Europe. And of course, users are entitled to all antennas of the Orange network. However, it happens to be the best that covers all of France. In total, more than 97% of the country is connected by the number one operator.

Paramount +, better than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

Free for six months, Paramount + will save you the 47.94 euros you would normally spend to access it for so long. This streaming service provides access to movies and series from many channels that you probably already know well. Among them, we can mention Showtime where the nuggets are aired Shameless, trillion, The Good Lord Bird and The L World: Generation Q. With this, Paramount+ also includes the productions of Comedy Central, with one-man shows and sketches or Nickelodeon for the youngest cartoons.

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Of course, Paramount+ also offers all the feature films of Paramount Pictures. Here we are talking about the trilogy godfatherfrom the cinematic universe of star trek or series IndianaJones with Harrison Ford. Paramount+ videos are available in 1080p, and soon 4K will be available as well. Since the Orange 80 GB plan that is also included in our offer of the day supports 4G, you will have no problem viewing content while roaming. Note that usually, a subscription with an envelope of 80 GB costs 37.99 euros per month at Orange.

Note that if you’re planning a plane trip, you also have the option to download Paramount+ series to watch them offline. This is possible with the provider’s Android app, which is also available for iPhones and iPads. Otherwise, be aware that Paramount+ is also accessible from a web version and a traditional browser. Here at 0 euros per month, Paramount+ clearly overshadows Netflix and its 8.99 euros per month without advertising. Even Apple TV+ is more expensive at 6.99 euros per month.

I take advantage of the offer

Choose Livebox Fiber to surf at full speed

Livebox Fiber, for its part, is a concentrate of technology signed by Orange that normally costs 41.99 euros per month. Our great plan now allows you to cut the bill in half, which is not insignificant. We know that all ISPs decide to raise their prices with inflation and crisis. Do not miss such an advantage, especially since it is limited in time. In a few days, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of it and the normal price of the pack will return to 66.98 euros per month.

With a Fiber Livebox, the speed can reach at least 500 Mbit per second when you download a movie. And if you want to send a heavy file, for example footage shot to the drone, the speed is the same. We are talking here about transfers that can also match professionals very well. Whether you are a business or a freelancer, you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only equip your fleet of laptops with fast internet, but also give your entire team the benefit of a streaming lunch break. Without any additional cost.

Livebox 5, which provides access to fiber for this crazy price of 22.98 euros per month, additionally includes the multinational pro. Relatively compact, the case benefits from Wi-Fi 5 technology that offers great range and low latency every day. And for large spaces, it’s possible to add your own repeater for a few extra euros. As a bonus, don’t forget that Livebox also provides access to a basic TV package with dozens of TV channels. Some, like all France Télévisions channels, are free.

Of course, like any good self-respecting box, the Livebox Fiber also allows you to connect an external handset. Because of this, you can enjoy unlimited calls to landlines or mobiles throughout France. If your correspondent lives in the United States or Canada, you can also contact him for free. Ditto for all overseas departments.

If you want to take advantage of this Livebox Fiber pack + 80 GB mobile plan with Paramount+, go for it. Orange has already received many orders, as the good plan has been online for more than a week. Therefore, you should not delay subscribing, at the risk of having to pay the classic price that reaches 66.98 euros per month: it is 60% more expensive.

I take advantage of the offer

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