Top Statements: Ibra slams Argentinians, CUP turns on Hidalgo, Giroud slams Benzema rumours…

In this week’s Top Declarations menu, Ibra pings the Argentines, CUP turns to Hidalgo, Giroud defies rumors with Benzema, Niang and troubled Ben Arfa, Small money on Deschamps, Tudor press room… Discover the shock sentence of the week.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic changed the Argentines.

Every Saturday, Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of ten declarations of the week that should not be missed. Seriously and at least seriously to know the best of short phrases of football players. Discover the ranking of all the statements that made the press headlines this week.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Messi is considered the best player in history, I am sure he will win. What will happen is that Mbapp will win another World Cup. I am not worried about Mbapp. I am worried for others in Argentina because we will remember Messi but others who behave badly, we cannot respect him. Me speaking as a top professional player, it’s a sign that you win once but never again. We can’t win like that (France Inter, 01/24/2023)

The AC Milan centre-forward criticized the behavior of the Argentines, who were too generous, after the coronation of the 2022 World Cup. Agac, Sergio Agero reframed the Swede by reminding him of some of his cards.

2. Romain Mabille, Anne Hidalgo – This is not your club, or your city, or your stadium! If you want to be a star, we’re about to put you in the spotlight (Instagram, 01/26/2023)

Angry after the statements of the Mayor of Paris, who refused to sell the Parc des Princes to Paris Saint-Germain, the president of the Collectif Ultras Paris responded very harshly to the elected official.

3. Olivier Giroud – I wrote him a message after he left, because we didn’t get to say goodbye to him and it was sincere and spontaneous. I told him we should. I was sad to see him leave. After football, sometimes injuries benefit some people. It worked for me, but I never found myself saying anything or saying that I was relieved or happy to see him go. a, it’s always the same people who try to find problems in this team, when there aren’t any (Canal +, 01/22/2023)

The top scorer in the history of the French team wants to clarify the rumors surrounding Karim Benzema’s package at the 2022 World Cup.

4. Mamadou Niang, about Hatem Ben Arfa – His entourage, I don’t know what he put in his brain, but he needs to put shit. I talk to him, he doesn’t want to know anything. In his brain something jumped, in the matches, he played when he wanted. This is everyone’s biggest regret, everyone expected to see him at the same level as Karim Benzema, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. In the end, we got nothing from Hatem and look at the career he had (90football, 01/25/2023)

The former Olympique de Marseille striker expressed his regret about his former teammate’s career.

5. Emmanuel Petit – Who is Didier Deschamps in a relationship with? So far, not many. With the group France 98? Neither do we. To us, no. And it’s reciprocal. Enough of not saying things, the truth. We are in a world where we have nothing to say. So we say normal. Who is he in a relationship with? that there is no one. That’s it (RMC Sport, 01/24/2023)

The former midfielder revealed his facts about the relationship between the members of France 98 and the Blues coach Didier Deschamps.

6. Samuel Gigot – It has always been my dream to play for OM, not Real Madrid, not Manchester. It’s great to make friends and family proud. I am making the most of this opportunity that I have to play at the best club in the world (Press conference, 01/26/2023)

A native of Avignon and a fan of Olympique de Marseille since childhood, the central defender made a beautiful declaration of love for his club.

7. Pep Guardiola – I’m sorry to my haters, but we’re in the Premier League history books for everything we’ve achieved, how we’ve done it and the records we’ve broken… there’s no denying it. (…) When I retire or leave Manchester City, everyone will say how good I am (Press conference, 01/22/2023)

In response to the criticism, the Spanish technician recalled his place in Manchester City legend.

8. Olivier Giroud – To tell you the truth, I was dumbfounded and surprised to come out so early in the game. I don’t have a coach live, but I think I understand that this is a tactical choice, I will have the opportunity to discuss it with him. Leaving in the 40th minute of a World Cup final is not easy… (Canal +, 01/22/2023)

Quickly replaced by France team coach Didier Deschamps against Argentina, the center forward struggled in the situation…

9. Xavi – Ousmane is sharp. I see him happy. He is deadly. He is in very good shape. He is in one of his best positions in the world. I am very happy for him. He turned things around and it wasn’t easy for Barcelona. We gave him confidence. I believe in him so much. His game is amazing (Press conference, 01/25/2023)

Author of the winning goal against Real Sociedad (1-0) in the King’s Cup, the FC Barcelona winger was once again praised by his coach.

10. Igor Tudor – Do I have enough questions about Monaco? No, I don’t think I’ve had more than one request (laughs). A question about Moffi to finish, shall we? No no (Press conference, 01/26/2023)

After a big reframing at the beginning of the press conference by asking about the upcoming match against Monaco, the Olympique de Marseille coach, while having fun, cheered in the press room before leaving.

With this declaration ends the Top Declarations of the week. See you next Saturday for the new issue!

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