Motorhome market: despite the drop in registrations, 2022 remains a very good vintage

According to the figures provided by Uni VDL for the last calendar year, the deliveries of motorhomes are lower than in 2021, but still a very large amount. By counting new and used cars, this is the second best accumulation. Vans and vans continue to gain market share.

The latest registration figures provided by Uni VDL show a general decline in motorhome deliveries for the past calendar year. In 2021, a total of 102,027 vehicles were registered, a historic record! In the year 2022, this accumulation decreased by 10.9% and decreased to 90,940. Despite everything, it is one of the greatest vintages, as it is the second best performance of all time.

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Less motorhome delivery

The biggest decrease is about new motorhomes (-26.6% with 10,546 registrations). The ten largest sellers made fewer deliveries in 2022, with declines of up to 33.9%. Chassis deficiencies penalize most manufacturers. The pilot with 1,453 registrations still has a significant market share (5.9%). As did Chausson (1,301 for 5.3% of PDM) and Challenger (1,236 for 5% of PDM) which followed closely behind.

Top 5 Motorhome Manufacturers in 2022

Builders Registrations Market shares
1 volkswagen 1598 6.5%
2 Pilot 1453 5.9%
3 slippers 1301 5.3%
4 Challenger 1236 5%
5 Pössl 1222 5%
6 Capron 1143 4.6%
7 Burstner 1059 4.3%
8 Quickly 1044 4.2%
9 bavaria 1001 4.1%
10 Font Vendome 975 4%

Versatile motorhome

On the second-hand side, motorhomes continue to sell well up and down the coast. Despite the slight decrease (-6.8% compared to 2021), the number of registrations remains the highest (66,335).

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Always more vans and vans

What stands out above all is the constant increase in the share of vans and vans (57.1% of registrations with 14,059 units). Since 2021, more have been sold than low-profiles and integrals in France. That year, the number of campervan registrations increased with 16,436 units delivered (ie 53.3% of the market).

Converted vans for sale at a local salon

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More registrations for some brands

While deliveries fell by 14.5% in 2022, some brands saw an increase in the number of registrations: Dreamer (+11.8%), Glénan Concept-Car (+178.7%), Hanroad (+6, 5%), Mercedes -Benz (+8.3 %) and Stylevan (+43.8%).

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The camper van brands at the top

But Volkswagen topped registrations for the second year in a row. Thanks to its California, the German brand gets 6.5% of the market share, with 1,598 vehicles delivered in 2022. Despite the small decrease in sales (-3.9%), Pössl remains among the largest manufacturer in France with 1,222 units delivered (5 % market share). Font Vendôme, which still represents 4% of the market share, saw the number of registrations drop by 30% from 1,401 units to 975.

The Volkswagen Transporter can be equipped with a robotic dual-clutch automatic transmission.

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The Fiat chassis is less and less

The brands are increasingly abandoning the Fiat Ducato, which is still experiencing supply difficulties. Registrations on this basis were almost halved compared to 2021 (9,681 instead of 18,366). The Italian engine manufacturer has had its market share cut by Citroën, Ford and even Renault. With current delivery times and the lag between purchase and delivery, this trend should be confirmed in 2023.

Top 5 chassis brands in 2022

Brands Registrations Market shares
1 fiat 9681 39.3%
2 Citroën 4679 19%
3 Ford 4311 17.5%
4 volkswagen 2045 8.3%
5 Renault 1627 6.6%

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