Jobs, work-study programs, internships… what experiences count toward retirement?

Summer jobs, work-study programs, internships, civic service… all of these professional experiences count toward retirement insurance and automatically or subject to certain conditions provide your rights. Student takes stock.

Contributed at age 43 from 2027 to receive full pension, this is what the currently banned pension reform project proposes. At 18 or 20, the prospect of retirement may seem far from your worries. However, it is important to know that your first steps in working life often yield contributions and thus gives you pension rights. L’Etudiant reviews professional experiences that are considered for your future retirement.

Student jobs, summer jobs: you contribute to retirement… if your job is declared

If, like more than 40% of students, you carry out a professional activity that is compatible with your studies, you will get rights for your future retirement. It doesn’t matter if your salaried job is permanent, fixed-term, temporary, part-time or full-time.

Once your work during the school year Your employer declares to Urssaf and social security bodies, you contribute for pensions and earn quarters. Small reminder: refuse illegal work, undeclared jobs paid in the black.

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As a freelancer, you contribute if you make a turnover

If you carry out an activity with your freelance studies under micro-entrepreneur status, your business may qualify for retirement.

The main thing is to charge for your activities. Once you realize the turnover, flat-rate contributions are in effect deducted allowing you to access pension rights. Here again, deny illegal work and declare your activity.

Alternation: apprenticeship or professionalization, your quarters of activity are validated like any employee

If, like more than 830,000 young people in 2022, you completed part of your education under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract, you are considered a company employee.

Your periods of activity under a work study contract are verified under the same conditions as those performed by other company employees : each term of apprenticeship counts as one term for retirement. Ditto if you have done your work-study through a professionalization contract.

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Internships: compensation must be greater than the legal minimum for opening rights

Internship allowances also count but under certain conditions. Once your internship exceeds two months (or 308 hours), a minimum allowance of 4.05 euros per hour in 2023 must be paid to you per month by your employer. This minimum allowance is not subject to social security contributions and therefore does not confer any pension rights.

However, some employers are more generous and offer higher bonuses. The part that exceeds the minimum amount contributes and is taken into account for calculating your pension rights.

Civic service mission: quarters will count toward your retirement

Civic service allows young people aged 16 to 25 to carry out a mission of general interest for six to twelve months. The monthly lump sum benefit paid to you when you are doing your civic service is not a salary.

However, you are affiliated to the general social security system and the structure that accepts you for your mission pays social security contributions. All validated quarters will be considered by pension insurance.

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International corporate volunteering: the mission must last more than six months

International volunteering in business (VIE) or in administration (VIA) allows young people aged 18 to 28 to go abroad for a mission for a company. A very good experience of six months to two years that is also important such as insurance quarters for retirement. Provided your mission lasts more than six months. If your contract is terminated before the end of the sixth month, no quarter will be certified.

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