“With the Volkswagen VU, we don’t hold back from offering other engines”

Although “2022 is a year of challenges in a turbulent market at the production level, we have completed the start of 14 400 utilities in 2022 and increased our market share by 0.7 pts” note Ghislain Lafitte, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles France. Projected 25,000 vehicles delivered in 2023 and almost 7% market share – against 4.6% in 2022 – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles France sees the coming year as a year of change, especially in terms of of electricity development.

Companies are always treated well

Whereas 80% of VW VU sales are logically made to fleetsthe part of sales to individuals done mainly through ID.buzz combi-van, professionals form a pampered clientele despite the complex and unstable supply context. Customer service is my hobby. We belong to the majority VP group, so we have to respond and respect the details of Public transport because the expectations of a pro are demanded in all areas and throughout the life of the vehicle, from assistance to after-sales »recognize Ghislain Lafitte.

Directing their processes to be as close as possible to the company’s customers and offer them the best possible experience, the director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles France and his teams also avoided delivery delay from 6 months to almost a year through contract extensions but above all clear and transparent communication. “Our clients understood the impact of semiconductor crisis and the lack of raw materials, therefore we regularly inform them of the state of the situation and we regularly update the deadlines that we can meet »ensures Ghislain Lafitte.

A ghost in the range: the Amarok

The brand is appreciated for its quality products – designed in a SEM platform common to all brands of the group and emphasizes design – as well as a fairly wide range, Volkswagen SUV covering several fields of action for workers, medium-sized companies or large fleets with its Caddy, its Transporter, its Crafter and soon the Amarok, which returns in 2023. Expelled from the French market for questions of punishment, the model returns with a 4-seater cabin version and improved performance. Proposed at launch (in Q4 2023) with two diesel offeringsthis new Amarok meets the new Euro 7 standards and “will hit different targets, both individuals need a versatile vehicle but also artists that need to be pulled, like winegrowers. »

“Compared to previous generations, it offers more comfort and innovationthree possible finishes, gains 20 cm and brings a lot of ADAS »added Ghislain Lafitte. Who thinks that “We must not prevent, in a transitional phase, from proposing others machines and be avant-garde with efficient thermal versions to support customers who don’t want to go straight 100% electrica quantum leap sometimes too big for some companies. » however, PHEV or electric versions of Amarok that it should not be included in the following years, confides us the director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles France.

The crisis did not save the VW Group

Within the Volkswagen group, which includes the Skoda entities but also Audi, Cupra, Seat and even Porsche, the year 2022 is complicated and mixed depending on the manufacturers. If the marks Volkswagen PC (6.4%), Volkswagen VU (4.6%) and Skoda (1.9%) therefore experienced an increase in market share from 0.1 to 0.7 points, Audi (2.9% of market share) and the Seat-Cupra couple (1.4%) decreased by -0.2 and -0.4 points. The group’s luxury brands are on the rise. Overall, the Volkswagen Group delivered 8.2 million cars, a figure that dropped by 7%. Unsurprisingly, the regions where the group performed best remain Western Europe (2.7 million registrations) and China (3.2 million). Presentation of the leitmotif “2021=restart, 2022=accelerate, 2023=Dr7ve”The group emphasizes the move to the upmarket and electrification with work on the accessibility of EVs thanks to its new platform or the reconditioning of its batteries, measures aimed at passing the price of an EV less than 25 €000 to 2025 with ID.2. A commitment to new vehicles, but not only: the after-sales and used-vehicle sectors are also among the next priorities of the VW Group.

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