Renault Group Morocco posted positive results for 2022

After a mixed financial year in 2021, the Renault Group managed to raise the level in 2022. Both industrial and commercial, the Moroccan subsidiary of the French manufacturer posted a positive balance, despite unfavorable national and international economic situation.

On the industrial side, the ongoing shortage of electronic components, the war in Ukraine, the disruption of logistics circuits and the contraction of the European market represent many headwinds, raising fears of a slowdown for those Renault Group’s Moroccan factory.

Production increased by 15.3%

In the end nothing came of it. By the end of 2022, 350,018 vehicles have left the line of the two sites, an increase of 15.3% compared to the fiscal year of 2021. At this rate, the record figure of 394,902 vehicles produced in 2019 seems further away. Above all, with such volume, the Moroccan division consolidates its place in the industrial system of the Renault Group, where it represents in 2022 almost 17% of world production.

Most of this production (86%) took the export route: 301,398 vehicles branded Dacia or Renault thus reaching 71 world markets (in Europe, the Middle East and Africa), weighing almost 70 % of sales -car exports from the Kingdom.

The group’s industrial locomotive, the Tangier plant ensured the production of 255,494 vehicles, an increase of 11% compared to the figures for 2021. This performance owes a lot to the success of the Renault Express, and especially the Dacia Sandero in Europe, main outlet for the Tangier site. Despite the sluggishness of this market, the “made in Morocco” city car managed to increase its sales by a small 1.3%, enough to take second place in the European rankings with almost 192,000 copy.

A new record for Somaca

As for Somaca, it literally exploded on the counters. The Casablanca plant, which recently released its millionth vehicle under the Renault Group, has seen its production increase by 20% compared to 2021, reaching a volume of 94,524 units assembled… deleted 2019 record from the shelves. (91,344 units). The commercial success of the third generation of Dacia Logan and Sandero, in Morocco and for export, is the main factor in this development. To a lesser extent, the introduction to its lines of the Renault Taliant – a new model that shares its platform with the Dacia Logan and is intended for the Turkish market – also contributed to boosting the plant’s production numbers.

Next major industrial event for Renault Group Morocco: the start of production of the Mobilize Duo electric quadricycle at the Tangier plant, scheduled for the last quarter of 2023. “The industrial process is locked and the contacts have already been established with equipment manufacturers, with the aim of starting industrialization before the end of the year with a maximum capacity of 17,000 units per year”, declared Mohamed Bachiri, general manager of Renault Group Morocco and Morocco coordinator industrial division, which however remained laconic in forecasting the local integration rate.

A market share of more than 40%

On a commercial level, satisfaction is also important for Renault Group Morocco. In a market that decreased by 8%, the group’s two brands slightly increased their combined market share to over 40%, and placed three of their models on the sales podium (Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero and Renault Express). .

Despite a sales decrease of 12% compared to 2021 (to 38,885 units), Dacia maintained its status as leader, winning a market share of 24% and making Morocco the 5th largest market in the world. With 21,545 units sold, the Renault brand, on the other hand, grew by 6%, to gain a market share of 16%.

As you can imagine, Renault Group Morocco does not intend to stop on such a good path and aims to consolidate its positions with new products throughout the current year.

The turn to electrification

At Dacia, the launch in a few weeks of the long-awaited Spring, a 100% electric small city car, is likely to have only a marginal impact on sales volumes. On the other hand, the marketing from the second half of the Jogger, a compact 7-seater crossover (which will push the Lodgy towards retirement), should further contribute to darken the order books.

The program is even busier for the Renault brand, as its Moroccan range will welcome four new models in the coming months. This will be the first Arkana compact SUV-coupé and the Austral compact SUV, both equipped with a hybrid engine (non-rechargeable), thus opening a chapter of electrification in the Diamond brand.

The following? Two 100% electric models, the new Mégane E-Tech Electric and the Kangoo E-Tech Electric.

The icing on the cake: in the spring, the portfolio of Renault Group Morocco is finally complete with the arrival of the Alpine brand, and the marketing of its only model, the sports coupe A110.

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