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Through Dorothy Perry January 26, 2023

Tax number: what is it?

A tax number is an identifier that is automatically assigned by the Tax Department to all individuals with a tax obligation in France. Also called NIF for “Fiscal Identification Number”, it is assigned when a natural person is registered in the database of the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFIP).

What you need to know about the personal tax number:

  • It is unique: each person has a single tax identifier for all their tax procedures as an individualits purpose is to prevent fraudulent connections on your behalf
  • It is fixed for life
  • It consists of 13 digits
  • It always starts with 0, 1, 2 or 3

Good to know: in business, the equivalent of the tax number is the SIREN number consists of 9 digits. On the other hand, the self-employed have, like individuals, a tax number issued by the tax authorities when registering the micro-enterprise. It consists of 14 numbers. So, if you are self-employed, you have a tax number as an individual (13 digits), and another as a professional (14 digits).

Where to find your tax number: which documents?

The tax number is mentioned in some documents. First, you can find it in your tax documents,

What are these documents? ?

  • Your pre-completed tax return: it is mentioned at the top of the first page


  • All your tax notices (income tax, property tax, etc.): it appears at the top left of the first page, in the “Your references” box


Warning : if multiple people make up your tax household, multiple tax numbers will be mentioned in the documents mentioned above. So be sure to check if you are “declares 1” where the “declares 2”.

Furthermore, due to the introduction of withholding tax, your tax number is also displayed on your payslip. This is mentioned in the box at the top right of the document, below the heading ” Registration number “.

Finally, if you are self-employed, you can find your 14 digit tax number on your business property assessment notices. It appears at the top left of the first page, in the “Your references” box.


If you cannot find the documents mentioned above, there are several solutions to recover a lost tax number.

First, you can get it directly online.

Warning : For this process, it is necessary to have a previous one filled and validated your mobile number in your Individual space. If this is not the case, go directly to solution n°2 detailed below.

Solution n°1: get your tax number online

Solution n°2: get your tax number by phone

If you didn’t get your tax number online, you can contact your Public Finance Center by phone to ask for it.

To do this, you must provide your contact person with your full civil status (surname, first name, date and place of birth) and answer other questions that will allow you to be formally identified.

See this article to find out how to contact Taxes.

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