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It’s raining new things to expect at Volkswagen, in 2023. Auto-Moto discovers you with a preview of all future models.

The long-awaited rivalry in 2023 will not take place, the best enemies of the SUV C segment, Peugeot 3008 and Volkswagen Tiguan, will wait until 2024 to fight, due to the delay in their respective launch schedules. The honor returns this year to the German who returns to us in the third version, 17 years after the very first opus of one of Wolfsburg’s greatest achievements. Despite the stakes, Volkswagen did not hesitate to delve deeply into its copy, part of the style, by rejecting the striking lines to insist on softer curves and ties in with the recent electric products of range, even if it means causing trouble between them. and ID. 4.

The Tiguan in season 3

However, it can be distinguished by its gaping grille that can be seen under the shield, which is likely to be prevalent in all future thermal models from the German firm. For others, the Tiguan 3 will avoid any style and even aerodynamic eccentricity. At this point, he stays true to classic door handles when his electric alter ego prefers to flush them out. Volkswagen will simply renew the MQB base of its predecessor with some changes aimed at boosting electrification. It will be a question of light hybridization through the eTSI of 130 and 150 hp that already excites the Golf, but also of expanding the rechargeable range. Currently limited to 245 hp, it will likely receive the reinforcement of a 204 hp variant. We bet this duo’s chemistry will improve to get close to 100 km of 100% electric autonomy. What about diesel engines? They should still be invited under the hood of the future Tiguan, unlike the gasoline block of the sports variant, with the R badge, which should no longer have the right of citizenship to treat the average CO2 emissions in the catalog. Finally, the 7-seater Allspace variant may also disappear in favor of a separate Tiguan model.

Restylings in spades

There’s nothing to worry about with the flagship of the SUV range benefiting from a refresh this year. A restyled Touareg that, too, will change its face and its electrified blocks to ensure the second part of its career more peacefully, like the restyled Golf that will be introduced almost simultaneously. The popular compact will be inspired by the facies inaugurated in Europe by the new Tiguan, in terms of design, as well as the engine range of its older brother. Recently, we also learned that the dashboard will correct its shortcomings in the youth, particularly in terms of ergonomics. The passenger compartment of its 100% electric equivalent has also suffered a lot of criticism, so the restyled ID.3 will raise its level of perceived quality, and take the opportunity to strengthen its bow with the appearance of a redesigned shield. An explosion of pride that will be completed a few months later in a sporty execution of 300 hp labeled GTX.

Tesla’s Model S in the viewfinder

In 2023, Volkswagen’s other 100% electric news will fulfill the promise of the ID concept car. Vizzion from 2018 by launching its first ever zero-emission sedan. A liner that aims no more or less than the Tesla Model S by a similar template, about 5 meters long. Youth bonus for the ID.7 against a Californian who already has 11 years of racing, but the Wolfsburg sedan is inevitably expected at the turn. If its aerodynamic drag coefficient (0.23) is impressive, compared to a lambda sedan, it fits perfectly with the Tesla Model S… from before 2021. Since then, the American has cleverly adjusted its plastic to lower the Cx its at 0.208. Another disappointment for the German, its autonomy that does not aim to do better than 620 km WLTP when the Model S raises it to 637 km, at least.

An ID.7 late?

To ensure this distance, the ID.7 will rely on a 77 kWh battery based on the MEB platform that already benefits the entire ID range. The technology is less advanced than that released by its cousins ​​Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT (PPE), it cannot claim to recharge as fast as the latter, due to the lack of sufficient voltage levels. But the argument of a more general positioning does not hold when we know that the Hyundai Ioniq 6, its other rival, offers the 800 V of the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 to recover 80% battery capacity within less than 20 minutes. Finally, 2023 will witness the renewal of the Passat. A legend in denial that can only rely on a break silhouette, VW management has given up on the sedan, the old model no longer finds its audience. The rationalization of this range will not prevent taking care of its technology by multiplying electrified blocks, and in particular rechargeable.

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