The demand for AI skills is on the rise and the search for freelancers on Fiverr is exploding, the Platform reported a 1,400% increase in searches for AI-related services

Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers, announced Tuesday that searches for AI-related services have increased more than 1,400% over the past six months on its platform. The reason is, business leaders are not only eager to integrate AI into their operations, sales and marketing campaigns, but they will also be looking for people skilled in using new AI tools like Midjourney , ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and Dall-E . The platform took the opportunity to launch new AI categories and skills in its catalog of services.

Enthusiasm for generative AI technologies has been accompanied by a corresponding increase in business interest in AI. While there is a lot of interest in understanding how to use AI to help a business, finding the right people to help an organization use AI is not always an easy task. Organizations are looking for people who can help them use all kinds of AI technology, including AI’s generative capabilities for generating images and text that can help improve marketing, sales, and operations. business.

It’s an area that seems to have seen renewed interest on the Fiverr freelance marketplace, which reports a 1,400% increase in searches for AI-related services over the past six months. We have seen a trend of increasing searches for AI-related services. We have also started to see more freelancers making offers related to the world of generative AI, for the latest tools like ChatGPT, GPT-3, Midjourney, Dall-E and Stable Diffusion,” says Yoav Hornung, head of innovation at Fiverr.The platform is used to help organizations meet their talent needs.

It experienced strong growth during the pandemic, as demand for freelancers accelerated. It’s now turning to AI, introducing new categories to help companies find the talent they need to benefit from the power of AI. We live in an era where technological developments and speeds are such that they create many new possibilities. We’ve seen an influx of services using new AI tools that are advancing what artists, writers and programmers can create and sell,” said Micha Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Fiverr.

These AI services have created a new baseline expectation for what we can imagine in imaging, writing, and programming, but they wouldn’t exist without the people who put in their time and have the right skills to do this. Technology is constantly evolving and creating exciting new professions and opportunities. One of the most amazing things about Fiverr, which we’ve seen time and time again, is that as soon as new technologies or trends emerge, the demand and supply of these great freelancers flood our platform.

Hornung explained that Fiverr is creating new categories on its service to help organizations and freelancers connect. It is an approach that is not only about providing a specific category, but also providing the right structure to help a business apply to bring the right skills to achieve a business result. When it comes to generative AI, there is a growing need for artists who are familiar with AI and can use the various AI tools out there – including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and OpenAI tools such as ChatGPT and Dall-E.

“We’re very excited about services for AI artists because we’ve seen amazing things happen when someone really knows how to use these services,” Hornung said. He said Fiverr has also seen an increase in the number of companies trying to use or build products that use generative AI engines. For this, companies are looking for qualified freelancers who can help them develop pilot applications using AI. Additionally, there is a strong demand from businesses for help creating prompts for generative AI engines.

A prompt is essentially a request entered into a generative AI interface that “prompts” the AI ​​to produce the desired result. According to Hornung, the ability to ask the right question with the right prompt is a high-demand skill on Fiverr. Furthermore, the explosion in the use of generative AI tools for text generation has also led to a new need for freelancers to help organizations with proofreading as well as fact-checking. Until now, proofreading an article was one thing and now proofreading or editing an article generated by AI is another,” said Hornung.

However, a problem remains: organizations don’t know what they want, but they know they want AI. AI has been around for years, but according to Hornung, in the past few months, awareness of AI has increased dramatically. According to him, until a few months ago, many traditional companies did not know what GPT-3 was, but now they know the name ChatGPT and realize that they need to do something with AI. According to Hornung, organizations looking for AI a few months ago often matched a specific persona.

But he says that’s no longer the case now. AI is becoming more accessible. Some companies just want it for the sake of having AI, and others want AI because they know what kind of results it can generate when used correctly, he said. This is one of the issues that Fiverr seeks to help organizations with: some may not be familiar with the technical intricacies such as the model, the machine learning (ML) approach or the wide language model (LLM) they need to develop something that will benefit the business.

According to Hornung, a business user may know that AI can be a potential benefit, but not know how. According to him, the category structure approach on Fiverr will allow business users to ask questions and filter through different examples and use cases of AI: we are also starting to work on webinars about educating buyers and vendors on what AI can do. We want to see more companies taking advantage of the power of AI. We strongly believe in what it can do and how it can help businesses.

Source: Fiverr

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