Bob Myers and the Warriors, and if it’s almost over?

Architect of the Warriors dynasty, will president of basketball operations Bob Myers still lead Golden State next season? It’s a question that weighs more heavily on the Bay of San Francisco knowing that his contract expires next July.

A month and a half ago, we laid out Bob Myers’ contractual situation and the possibility that the current season will be his last with the Warriors. Since then, there hasn’t really been any progress in negotiations regarding a potential extension for the Golden State manager, enough to cast more doubt on his future with the Dubs.

These doubts have now been highlighted by the latest large file released on the site The Athleticwhich clearly highlights the possibility of Bob Myers’ future departure.

According to the sources of Anthony Slater, Marcus Thompson II and Sam Amick, Myers won’t feel recognized by Golden State owner Joe Lacob. In fact, for all the work done over the last ten years in building the Warriors dynasty, the president of basketball operations at GS believes he should be one of the highest paid executives in the NBA, which is not the case currently according to in numbers of The Athletic.

Joe Lacob, who nevertheless pays a large luxury tax to allow the Warriors to continue playing for the title, will he be stingy on the sidelines about his manager Bob Myers? Not impossible even according to the insiders of The AthleticGolden State’s owner will put money on the table this summer to try to convince Myers to extend.

However, Bob’s future with the Warriors may not depend solely on the number of greenbacks.

Myers repeatedly stressed the very demanding position of the president of basketball operations, in general in the NBA but more so with a franchise like the Warriors that has nothing but the NBA title. The reality of always being on top, of constantly finding ways to stay one step ahead of the competition, with the entire NBA trying to knock you off your pedestal, after a while it weighs on you. And maybe even heavier when you have an owner like Lacob who, according to The Athleticwill be more important in the decisions regarding the California team, especially in the selections made in the draft. So maybe Bob Myers just needs to see someone elseregardless of the salary his superior offered him next summer.

“I love what I do now. I love our group. No one comes close to me quitting this job. But it’s good to ask about where you are and what you’re doing. Many things are interesting, when I was young I thought of becoming a teacher.

– Bob Myers, via The Athletic

Still according to Anthony Slater, Marcus Thompson II and Sam Amick, no scenario will be excluded at the time of these lines. Bob Myers may decide to stay in Golden State to continue with the franchise where he has become one of the NBA’s best leaders. But he could also choose to go to another team (and believe us, he won’t be short of options) to develop a new one, or even leave the Big League altogether to rest and satisfy other passions. After all, given Golden State’s disappointing results this season (23-24, 10th in the West) and the prospect of some executive players (like Draymond Green) leaving the Warriors next summer , the time is right. although one cannot rule out a scenario where the Dubs regain their luster in the coming weeks.

In any case, whatever happens in the future, one thing is certain: the departure of Bob Myers represents a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay.

Coming to the position of general manager in 2012, Myers put together the best possible team around the Splash Brothers Steph Curry – Klay Thompson, notable by making big moves in the Draft (Draymond Green obviously), in by bringing in coach Steve Kerr, by killing the game in Free Agency (Kevin Durant of course, as well as Andre Iguodala a few years ago), and by making a smart transfer (Andrew Wiggins). It was enough to earn the utmost respect within various sectors of the franchise, in particular Curry but also Kerr and Draymond, who are very close to the Golden State manager.

All of which is to say that there would be no Warriors dynasty without a hub named Bob Myers. And without Bob Myers, this dynasty could officially end, forever.

“Draymond Green has a player option for next season and can leave. Kerr’s current contract expires after next season. Several key members of the franchise are very close to Myers, and this is why his departure could represent the first domino in the transition to a new era.

– The Athletic

Text source: The Athletic

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