Ingram, Porzingis, Davis.. it’s time for NBA injuries!

“Hello, this is nurse Joëlle on the phone!” As you understand, we will talk about the great NBA infirmary and review the latest news about major injuries. Who has what, who will return when? Grab your bandages and your stethoscopes, we’re off to the big consultation.

The month of February is upon us, its trade deadline and its All-Star Game. The season is nearing its final turning point and it is necessary for many teams to arrive with maximum certainty – and victories – in their pocket.

By “assurances“, we mean healthy staff, able to give 100% of their basketball. With some major injuries to several franchises, the time has come to give a small point to the major NBA injuries that have been the subject of recent updates.

Bucks – Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton

In Milwaukee, two neighborhood bosses are on the verge of returning to the NBA as the franchise lists them as probable for tonight’s game against the Pistons. Both have knee injuries, the periods of absence are not necessarily the same level. For Giannis, it’ll only be about ten days… but we’re almost six weeks on Middleton’s side.

Two returns that will greatly comfort Mike Budenholzer’s troops. Despite a boss-sized Jrue Holiday in their absence, the Daims are now third behind the Sixers in the East standings and the Nets and Cavaliers are very close in the rearview mirror.

Wizards – Kristaps Porzingis

Injured during Saturday’s game in Orlando, Kristaps Porzingis will be out at least a week, according to the Wizards who listed him on “week after week” this afternoon. Important to the Wizards game, this announcement is really a bad point for Bradley Beal’s troop. Player of the week at the end of December, the Latvian pivot is in good shape. All that remains is to hope for a quick returning so that the Sorcerer does not fall into a deeper slump than he currently is.

Lakers-Anthony Davis

The Lakers pivot is about to return! According to Adrian Wojnarowski, LeBron’s current best friend is expected to play again this week, possibly before the start of the Purple and Gold road trip on January 28. Having good results in his absence, the Angelinos will now have a way to pass second and finally begin a serious recovery in the West standings. Of course, we suspect that Unibrow’s return will be done gradually to eliminate any risk of a relapse, but it will give heart to the entire Lakers fanbase.

Pelicans – Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson

There is no set date for Ingram’s return to the NBA, but the news points in the right direction. When asked yesterday about his star’s form, Pelicans coach Willie Green explained that BI resumed the game at five o’clock during practice. He is improving, and fans can be optimistic. The winger suffered a leg injury against the Grizzlies on Nov. 25 and hasn’t played since. The Pelicans must also make do without Zion Williamson, who will be reevaluated in a few days.

Sources: Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN, Washington Wizards

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