NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – what will the Charlotte Hornets do?

With the NBA Trade Deadline approaching, the leaders of the 30 franchises are busy making the necessary transfers before the fateful date of February 9. Of course, each team’s situation is different, and it is precisely for this reason that we want make special deadline paper by franchise. Presenting issues, issues to watch, intentions in the transfer market… we explain it all to you. On the menu today, the Charlotte Hornets

Are the Hornets, rather buyers or sellers at the deadline?

If there’s one team that’s likely to sell a large number of players at the next NBA Trade Deadline, it’s Charlotte.

In fact, the Hornets’ current situation suggests that the North Carolina franchise will be among the biggest sellers for the next three weeks. We’re talking about a team that squats in penultimate place in the Eastern Conference with a poor record of 12 wins for 34 losses. A team with players who might be interested in ambitious franchises (we’ll talk about it a little below) and seems destined for a rebuild around nugget LaMelo Ball, who is currently injured in his ankle.

Of course, it is impossible not to highlight the Victor Wembanyama factor in the middle of it all. “The greatest prospect in history” is coming in the next NBA Draft, so if ever there was a time to tank and let the youth go, this is it.

Hornets player(s) who could be transferred

In the “players with a good chance to move” category between now and February 9, there are a lot of people.

From Terry Rozier to Jalen McDaniels through Kelly Oubre Jr., Gordon Hayward, PJ Washington or even Mason Plumlee, the Hornets can offer different profiles depending on the interest of the franchises they will discuss.

  • Terry Rosier: scoring back who averaged 21 points and 5 assists, under contract until 2026 for about 25 million per season.
  • Jalen McDaniels: 2m06 strong winger who has made an attacking impact this season and can provide a real service to the defense thanks to his length and wingspan. Free agent next summer.
  • Kelly Oubre Jr. : currently with wrist injury but authored his most productive season statistically (20 points, 5 rebounds, 1.6 steals). In the last year of the contract.
  • Gordon Hayward: talented, experienced and hyper-intelligent winger who can make any collective more fluid. Problem: he doesn’t play. And chain injuries when you are paid 30 million a year (until 2024), it can cool more than one.
  • PJ Washington: The 24-year-old versatile winger who averages more than 15 points, who can shoot from distance and knows how to defend, people may be interested. The free agent is restricted to 2023, but the Hornets seem to want to extend it instead according to the latest rumors.
  • Mason Plumlee: a man of 2m13 in the racket, it can always be used, but please not as a starter. In the last year of the contract.

Players are coveted by the Hornets

When you activate tanking mode like Hornets, you don’t target specific players (except for Wemby next June), you mainly target draft pick (and if possible expire contracts).

If the Charlotte franchise actually decides to refurguer most of the players mentioned above, it has the goal of better starting its rebuild. Hornets general manager Mitch Kupchak will demand draft capital in any negotiation: first round unprotected, first round protected, second round… in short, he has a way to have fun.

You got it, it seems the time has come to lay a whole new foundation around LaMelo Ball.

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