With his paid version of Twitter, Elon Musk completely changed the social network

At the head of Twitter since October 27, Elon Musk is preparing a change in the economic model for the social network. To be certified, highlighted by the algorithm and have exclusive functions, you need to pay 8 dollars per month.

After publicly questioning the relevance of Twitter’s split in two, Elon Musk took action. Soon (no date announced, because Elon Musk is probably faster than his engineers), Twitter, as we know it today, will pay off. Elon Musk will not touch the free version of the social network, but it will automatically become less interesting, due to algorithmic changes promised by the inventor. For example, we know that tweets from paid accounts will appear before those from free accounts. In other words, to see, you have to go to the checkout.

8 euros per month, the price of visibility

Misrepresented as a simple way to buy certification, Elon Musk’s announcement was actually much more. The small blue badge will be issued to all Twitter Blue subscribers (8 dollars per month, with different prices in all countries), but this is just bait to attract subscribers. Its meaning will change completely because it will no longer be synonymous with “celebrity”, but with simply participating in Twitter’s paid program. Public numbers will remain a secondary indication in their profile, to authenticate their identity, but will no longer appear in their tweets (they will also lose their non-paying badge).

No more real verified accounts, just free accounts and premium accounts.

Twitter’s certified badge will change its meaning. // Source: Twitter/Numerama editing

Subscribing to Twitter Blue doesn’t just add a blue badge next to your name. The most important change announced by Elon Musk is about the algorithm, which has been rewritten to better highlight paid accounts.

Now, answers from verified accounts appear above those from normal accounts, but the two are mixed. Tomorrow, replies from paying Twitter users will be pushed to the top of the algorithm, with the logical consequence of burying the tweets of many free users. Same thing with search results, where searching for example #StarAcademy will highlight reviews from paying users. Twitter, once known as the social network that allowed everyone to express themselves, will refocus on those who give it money.

Twitter touts this capitalistic shift, which it believes will allow it to solve the problem of fake accounts. Since you have to verify your identity to access Twitter Blue, Elon Musk hopes that only real people can read Twitter. He forgot, however, that disinformants can pay 8 euros to promote their ideas… or “certified” accounts can be used to influence research.

What are the other benefits of Twitter Blue?

In addition to certification and better branding, Twitter Blue will allow its followers to reduce the number of ads (but not completely eliminate them), post longer video and audio messages (seem tweet length is not concerned) and access some functions in the preview , such as modifying tweets.

Twitter Blue is a kind of Twitter within Twitter, which should gradually move away from the free version. Will millions of social network users join? Answer in a few weeks, when these changes will exceed the imagination of Elon Musk.

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