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“In comparison, it’s not a Bugatti”. This motto, which we owe to Ettore Bugatti himself, can be applied to the same extent to the brand’s hyper sports cars as to the so-called lifestyle products. This state of mind is more real today than ever and is firmly embedded in every new creation.

At the heart of the experience offered by Bugatti, three important pillars for the brand: innovation, personalization and innovative technologies – pillars to which refined design and functional style can also be linked. These principles have enabled Bugatti to transition from a world leader in the development and delivery of hyper sports cars to an international brand that demonstrates excellence beyond just the automotive sector.

With this vision, the Bugatti Brand Lifestyle brand takes great care to select the best partners to create products that best embody the spirit of both brands and deliver the same vision and common values ​​while always pushing the limits of craftsmanship. and technology. The Bugatti Brand Lifestyle product portfolio covers a wide range, including watches – both timepiece jewelry such as high-end smartwatches, champagne, as well as innovative technology and design products. The wide range of products allows everyone – even customers who do not own a hyper sports car from the brand – to experience the unparalleled heritage, style and luxury associated with Bugatti. The result of this expansion strategy is unprecedented for Bugatti International, which this year achieved an annual growth rate of more than 20%.

In this context, in 2022, Bugatti International strengthened its partnerships already in place and developed relationships with new brands.

Earlier this year, Bugatti announced a collaboration with the famous English luxury brand, Asprey, which resulted in the creation of a sculpture, La Voiture Noire: a unique example made with 24k pink gold and mounted on a base specially designed to accommodate it. At the end of June, the sculpture and accompanying artwork and NFT were sold at auction for £378,000 (plus buyer’s premium). This sale crowned the first collaboration between Bugatti and Asprey, which also saw collectors acquire 261 unique sterling silver sculptures.

The world of watchmaking – whose work has great similarities with the development of a W16 engine – the latest creation resulting from the collaboration between Bugatti and Jacob & Co: the Jean Bugatti watch. This watch – which pays a strong tribute to Jean, eldest son of Ettore Bugatti to whom the latter entrusted the reins of the company – was inspired by the avant-garde and artistic creations of cars of the talented young man, who called on the precision engineering, the use of carbon fiber and a captivating aesthetic. Only 57 watches will be made in white gold and 57 in pink gold.

Like Bugatti cars, which offer a great balance of tradition and technology, the Bugatti Brand Lifestyle has chosen to explore the latest innovations in terms of connected watches with the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition, the only one in the world equipped with a case made entirely of carbon fiber – a material that echoes the design and technology of Bugatti hyper sports cars. Produced in collaboration with VIITA, the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition features a blue mirrored finish and consists of carbon fiber elements produced from a single block. The battery includes innovative technology that offers a capacity of 540 mAh, meaning up to 15 days of autonomy.

Exclusivity is the DNA of any partnership with the Bugatti Brand Lifestyle, as it defines Bugatti’s range of hyper sports cars. In 2022, Bugatti and The Little Car Company created a new limited carbon edition of the Bugatti Baby II reserved for lucky owners of the W16 Mistral, the last Bugatti powered by the legendary W16 engine. All 99 owners will be offered the opportunity to acquire and customize a Bugatti Baby II in the configuration of their W16 Mistral, creating a truly unique connection between the vehicles.

Bugatti’s emphasis on extreme personalization, cutting-edge materials and attention to perfection is also reflected in its partnership with Champagne Carbon. Last year, this collaboration reached new heights in this area with the launch of La Bouteille Sur Mesure, a concept that allows customers to personalize their own champagne cases, bottles and cuvées. In terms of design, the production of each copy of La Bouteille Sur Mesure requires at least 314 sheets of pre-impregnated carbon fiber – the same important material found in Bugatti hyper sports cars.

The ties linking Bugatti and Buben&Zorweg are also strengthened in 2022 with the Hyper Safe collection, a set of safes produced in a limited edition that combines the best design according to Bugatti and one of the most advanced technologies in terms of security. . The Hyper Safe collection, which took 18 months of painstaking development, pushes the boundaries of fine craftsmanship.

“Bugatti is the world leader in the design, development, construction and delivery of hyper sports cars in the best of performance, engineering and style. But Bugatti is also synonymous with creations as refined as they are, whose excellence is beyond the automotive field. The success we achieved in 2022 is due to our very focused approach and the fact that we only work with the best partners for the best projects at the best time, ensuring that the partners and the creations we achieve together embody Bugatti’s core values ​​and convey a common vision. We seek to create new stories for our customers and clearly invite everyone to explore more broadly the our beautiful luxury brand. »said Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of Bugatti International.

The luxury products and bespoke experiences offered by the Bugatti Brand Lifestyle will continue to flourish in 2023. Many creations will come with existing partners and new collaborations are expected in territories and markets yet to be announced. explored by the brand so far. In the first week of 2023, Bugatti and LEGO Technic also announced the latest addition to a collaboration dating back to 2018: the scale reproduction of the Bugatti Bolide2. Based on the solid success observed in 2022, collaborations – already established or new – will provide other exciting innovations throughout the year.

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