Volkswagen has finally fixed the air conditioning problem in its electric cars with the ID.7

The new Volkswagen ID.7, presented at CES in Las Vegas 2023, but still under a light camouflage, corrects some ergonomic problems of the ID range, starting with the ventilation controls. A revolution, or almost.

During our tests with the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 or, more recently, the ID. Buzz, we weren’t thrilled with the build quality of the new 100% electric Volkswagens.

To make matters worse, these models also suffer from complex ergonomics (this also applies to thermal models, such as the Volkswagen Golf 8) with many commands integrated directly into the touch screen and often hidden under many menus and sub-menus.

A “new” electric generation at Volkswagen

Among the main complaints of these Volkswagen interiors: the ventilation controls. Directly included in a menu, then even in a sub-menu, they are complicated on the one hand to find, and then to order. Although there is a touch shortcut under the screen (but no haptic feedback) for the temperature, there it is also a real hell to handle: the lack of backlighting prevented their use at night.

Because of this system, we missed the old physical controls with good old knobs to adjust the temperature. Granted, it’s not the most aesthetic thing, but it’s more practical and it also avoids taking your eyes off the road for too long.

A few days ago, during CES in Las Vegas 2023, Volkswagen shows its ID.7a model that should mark a small turning point for the electric car for the brand, with the specific integration of the MEB Evo platform and a new battery that allows a range of more than 700 km.

The camouflaged Volkswagen ID.7 presented at CES in Las Vegas // Source: Volkswagen

The “revolution” also for ventilation

Among the interesting novelties in this ID.7 and which should reconcile us with Volkswagen interiors there is an “intelligent” air conditioning system and quite interesting on paper. In fact, it is not really revolutionary technically speaking, but it can correct many ergonomic problems.

First, Climate controls are now permanently displayed at the bottom of the screen, meaning they are no longer hidden in countless submenus. And they are backlit!

On the other hand, Volkswagen has included the “Smart Air Vents” function to control the ventilation flows in the passenger compartment. dynamic to ensure faster diffusion of hot or cold air. With the key, the car can also anticipate the arrival of the driver in the passenger compartment and directly turn on the ventilation before he enters the vehicle.

The touch cursors are finally backlit // Source: Volkswagen

As you can see from the pictures, Volkswagen did not go as far as reintegrating physical controls, but the arrival of permanent air conditioning controls on the large 15-inch screen is a step forward. Another positive point, the touch sliders and the one to manage the car sound are finally backlit.

The ventilation system is also paired with voice control. It is announced as more accurate and equipped with artificial intelligence to learn the driver’s habits. For example, the voice command responds to “Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold! » by directly opening the heated steering wheel and diverting the flow of hot air towards the hands.

In automatic operation, there is a sensor in the area of ​​the windscreen that detects the angle of incidence of sunlight under conditions of high outside temperature and high solar intensity. If the sun shines strongly in one part of the vehicle, the ventilation adapts the air conditioning to the hottest area.

European customers will be able to use this new ventilation (but not only!) this year, as the commercial launch of the Volkswagen ID.7 is planned next fall. In a few weeks, we should also discover the final design and all the technical characteristics of the sedan.

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