long match but happy atmosphere, another night out of time

This Thursday, TrashTalk went to the Accor Arena in Bercy to attend the second edition of “NBA Paris Game”. Good night. The show has been on hiatus for a while – one’s fault Free regular season – but a unified setting that French basketball enjoys. With a little more spacing and a little more Killian Hayes, the event would be perfect.

Final gong in three days of events in Paris.

It is alive. A total rediscovery of the capital through the prism of the NBA. Andre Drummond at a signing in the Latin Quarter: none other than a “Very fan of you Ditroise years” can’t get out. A meeting with Minnesota Lynx’s Napheesa Collier at Gymnasium Didot on the 14th. Zach LaVine made a guest appearance guest of Foot Locker des Champs. Derrick Jones Jr. already asking his girlfriend in marriage : Paris city of love. The ongoing hunt for Ben Wallace. Dwane Casey at the Saint-Cloud Laser Game and Adam Silver shopping at Organic is good avenue Ledru-Rollin (no). A training session open to the media: we take advantage the DeMar DeRozan attraction to catch Alex Caruso and Goran Dragic. Night on a piquet background with “Bull fans”. Full end-to-end privileges. Daydream even if not “that” Isaiah Lives visited us. In every way, this Thursday night marked the end of a never-ending half-week.

And then there was the game.

A match and its ornaments. An Accor Arena was filled late (but filled). NBA legends at your fingertips: Magic Johnson, Ben Wallace, Joakim Noah, Tony Parker, Victor Wembanyama, Rip Hamilton and Joe Dumars (who really didn’t count). Football with Aurélien Tchouaméni, Gerard Pique and Marco Verratti. From F1 with Pierre Gasly, Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon. A little bit of Pharrell Williamsthe actor from Helsinki in Money Heist, Khaby Lame, Naomi Campbell, Aya Nakamura, LeBouseuh, Theodort, the Minister of Sports, the model Stella Maxwell, and many more celebrities we cannot name. That’s it for this digest Nearer. Moral of the story? basketball unites The NBA attracts.

Despite all these heavy presences, Killian Hayes “from Cholet” received the best standing ovation of the night.

Actually not a good match for the French: 2/13 shooting, legion of too short shots, score of -3 in TTFL. He had a chance to pass himself off as a Hall of Famer to the thousands of spectators who thought the offside was a basketball whistle, Killian didn’t take his chance. No big deal, he’ll be back. His recent momentum is good. This meeting mixed up many parameters that were difficult for a 21-year-old to manage. Front row pressure. The desire to do great things in front of the motherland. We don’t blame him: the other players put on a show for him…even. long fight, consistent lead of nine to fifteen units in favor of the Bulls, some fireworks signed Derrick Jones Jr., Zach LaVine in the zone, DeMar DeRozan was furious at half distance. In other words, an Accor Arena faded in front of what it expected to see on Monday night at 1:30 am on League Pass. Moving to Paris does not guarantee the scenario “Spielbergesque” a game.

Despite everything, we still struggled to get down. Stars in the eyes. We saw the NBA – the game and its setting – up close. The future envisioned by “Games in Paris” gives hope: all that is needed is a good run and this meeting will be a classic.

The post-game? Press conference with DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, Billy Donovan, Dwane Casey, Killian Hayes and Jaden Ivey. Nothing too fancy to remember, there are many answers on the river based on “it was a great experience”fair DeMar DeRozan who does not yet know if he will participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics. Very cute bracket, a young fan of Zach LaVine asked his idol.

1 am, we went to the editorial office to end the night there with the team in front of the Celtics – Warriors. Cold pizza with loads of goodness. Homer stories of the site experience, a moment of intense sharing then rediscovering a functional wifi: a whole Accor Arena has its advantages and disadvantages.

Curtain draw at the NBA Paris Game 2023. Another edition in the City of Light list. For many the body match is just“equipment”, for us it is important. That’s why we want a little more vibrancy in the poster scheduled for 2024, while keeping this atmosphere outside the sport. The total party.

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