How to add an NFT to your Twitter profile picture?

How to add an NFT to your Twitter profile picture? Technically, you can right-click on the NFT and save the image as a JPEG, then download it. But this does not prove that the NFT is indeed yours.

Twitter Blue has a slightly longer process that verifies your NFT ownership and displays it accordingly. Here’s how to use this feature to add an NFT to your Twitter profile picture.

There are a few things you need to do to get your NFT profile picture on Twitter. First, you need to access the option. Then you need to connect your wallet and select your NFT. Here’s an overview of how to do it…

1. Change your current profile picture

To add an NFT to your Twitter profile picture, you need to go through the app. Even if you have a Twitter Blue subscription plan, the process is not visible in the web browser version of the platform.

To get started, first go to your profile and select your profile picture. Below the enlarged view of your profile picture is a button labeled To change.

Tap it, and Twitter Blue gives you the following options To take a photo, Select a current photowhere Select NFT. Choose Select NFT. If you don’t have Twitter Blue, only the first two options will appear when changing your profile picture.

2. Connect your favorite wallet

You will be taken to a confirmation page that tells you more about NFT Twitter profile pictures. At the bottom of this confirmation page is a Connect my wallet button. Click this button to continue. At the time of writing, the supported wallets are:

  • Coinbase Wallet
  • MetaMask
  • Trust portfolio
  • silver
  • rainbow
  • Ledger Live

Unfortunately, the process of connecting a wallet to verify your NFTs is different from the process of entering a wallet address to receive Ethereum tips on Twitter. If you have a wallet listed for tips, you still need to connect your wallet to view NFTs. If you connected your wallet for an NFT profile and want to receive tips, you still need to enter your wallet address.

The process for connecting your wallet may be slightly different depending on the wallet you are connecting to. At the time of writing this article, a MetaMask wallet is connected that requires additional steps to view an NFT on MetaMask.

3. Choosing an NFT for your profile picture

Once your wallet is connected, you need to select the NFT you want to view. Again, this process may be different depending on the wallet you use and how that wallet accesses your NFTs.

For example, the safest way to view NFTs in MetaMask involves importing them individually. It’s a bit fiddly, so you can save time by just importing the NFT you want to use as your Twitter profile picture.

Once you’ve selected the NFT you want to use as your profile picture, you need to crop it. This is because verified NFT profile pictures appear as hexagons instead of the usual circle. That’s the whole point of this process. You can use any NFT as your Twitter profile picture, but only NFTs you own can appear as hexagons.

When you have a crop you want, select Finished in the upper right corner of the pane.

Post your NFT on Twitter

Congratulations! Now everyone who sees your profile picture will know you have the coolest NFT in your collection. And they’ll probably see the shiny blue check, because you need Twitter Blue to verify an NFT profile picture. So flex: you have NFT and at least eight disposable dollars a month to flaunt it.

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