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Every year, mobile technology becomes an increasingly important part of our daily lives and thecenter of the earthquake of innovation.

Through these essential devices, we create and consume content that connects, inspires and entertains us. We remain immersed in the universe of an epic game, even in motion. We follow our colleagues and our deadlines when we are not in our office. And we manage every aspect of our lives in one convenient place, whether it’s our health and wellness habits, appointments, shopping, travel, and more.

Our days are essentially about these experiences. So, people want to get devices they can rely on and that comes from brands they trust. At the same time, global challenges such as the climate crisis force us to rethink our way of life. We have a responsibility to help create a better world today while working to build a more equitable and sustainable future tomorrow. We believe mobile technology can be the catalyst that enriches people’s lives and helps create the future we envision. And that’s why we do what we do in our MX Business.

Setting new performance standards

The Galaxy S line is the best example of how Samsung brings this vision to life. This year, the Galaxy S line continues our legacy of innovation by doubling down on our core elements.

That’s why our pro-grade camera system keeps getting smarter, delivering the best photos and videos on our Galaxy smartphones in any light. Together with software and internal component optimization, our all-new chipset, derived from Samsung’s open partnership philosophy, enables the fastest and most powerful performance of Galaxy smartphones. The connectivity of our ecosystem is becoming easier and more transparent.

At the top of the Galaxy S line is our Galaxy S Ultra. This is the product you can trust to bring you the best of the best from Galaxy with redefined performance and quality.

We’ve fully combined the best-loved features of the Galaxy Note with the Ultra model, creating a smartphone with the power, performance and creative capabilities of two of Galaxy’s leading innovations in one device.

The Galaxy S Ultra has truly been the pinnacle of Samsung Mobile innovation.

Innovation that lasts

Performance is not just about power. It is also an innovation that lasts and reduces environmental impact.

We are committed to tackling climate change and are guided by our new environmental strategy, which aims to make the technology we rely on more sustainable. That’s why we consider every stage of the product life cycle with sustainability in mind.

This means building devices that last longer, with higher durability and reliability. This means incorporating more recycled materials into more components. It also means working with like-minded partners to bring people together and bring positive change for people and planet, while setting new benchmarks for our industry.

A premium experience without compromise

1eh February, on the occasion of the unveiling, we will show how innovation and durability combine to deliver a premium Galaxy experience.

At a time when the stakes are higher, we’ve raised the bar by pushing the boundaries of the mobile experience, delivering our most powerful mobile experiences that you’ll continue to love for years to come.

I look forward to sharing the new steps with you.

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