what are the best models of 2022?

Our journalist testers voted for their ten favorite models of 2022, based on both objective criteria and the expression of their hearts. And the big winner is…

Every year at Auto Plus, our testers give us their favorites from the past year. Now that 2023 is well under way, let’s take a look back at the ten new features of 2022 that marked our team. Beyond objective criteria (consumption, price, viability, performance, etc.), sometimes they flash a styleand in driving behavior Or to homogeneity of a model. Before carrying out this ranking of the ten best novelties of 2022, 30 models were already part of the preselection. For their ten favorite models, each journalist told them assigned a score of 1 to 10 points. In the end, the ten models with the highest scores are in this ranking. So without further ado, here it is the ten best novelties of the year 2022!

10e –Mercedes GLC

One of Mercedes’ bestsellers, the GLC, caught the attention of our journalists, and it closed the Top 10 of the year. They appreciate its comfortable handling, the smoothness of its gearbox, and its refinement inside and out. Its mechanical offer has been praised, although the PHEV versions are heavy, and their trunk is quite tight in volume.

09e – Nissan Ariya

Nissan’s first electric SUV, the Ariya, stands out with its spacious interior, sleek dashboard and complete equipment. With 481 kilometers of autonomy (battery 87 kWh), it is placed in the good category average. However, they regretted his clumsy behavior and the lack of precision of his direction.

08e -Kia Sportage

Kia has renewed its best-selling Sportage, with more modern and ambitious lines. It’s well finished, its habitability is generous and its standard equipment is complete for its prices. Its behavior on the road is not the most dynamic, however, and its entry ticket remains high.

07e – MG 4

MG’s offensive in Europe goes through the new 100% electric MG 4. Its prices (almost €10,000 less than a Renault Mégane E-Tech or a Volkswagen ID3) fight all the competition, and its endowment equipment is complete. However, we regret its somewhat cramped trunk, and ergonomics that lack simplicity.

06e – BMW X1

The X1 has a new look with a new generation that is more stylish and more technological. His increase in size benefit from livability, and modularity is well thought out in the rear seats. It shows an alert behavior, and a precise direction that contributes to the overall comfort. Its prices remain elitist, especially since many of its equipment are optional.

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05e – Honda Civic e: HEV

The new Honda Civic has grown in size compared to its predecessor, which translates into better roominess and a trunk that increases in volume. The equipment is also complete hybrid engine showing great gentleness, without missing a beat! We also regret its too high price, and its size which can disrupt the traffic in the city.

04e – Kia Niro

For this new generation, the Niro continues to ride on what it did hit : The triple motorization. Thermal, hybrid and electric! Finishing is fine, comfort is comfortable, and livability is excellent. However, road behavior is not the most dynamic, and the price/equipment ratio is arbitrary.

03e – Renault Austral

The Renault Austral, which replaces the Kadjar, is in the Top 3. Journalists appreciate its very welcoming interior, its well-designed and easy-to-use digital dashboard, and its level of modularity that will appeal to families. Its road behavior is effective, although its suspensions are too stiff. Their prices are also too high.

02e – Renault Megane E-Tech

The Megane E-Tech, Renault’s new 100% electric model, is challenging this ranking. On board, the techno side that the brand wants can be found in fully digital dashboard that is responsive, readable, and well thought out. It also takes care of its finish and habitability. Its road manners are surprising, with a sharp front end and precise steering. We regret some neglected practical aspects (bench seat access, visibility) and its high price.

1eh -Dacia Jogger

The big winner in this 2022 ranking is the Dacia Jogger, the last truly accessible family car. Well designed and well thought out, it can accommodate up to 7 people and lots of luggage. Its presentation is good, as is the comfort of the seats, even on long journeys. It benefits from modern equipment, and a good level of finish despite some hard plastics. On the road, its behavior is quiet and the damping is considerate. The overly long staging of the gearbox is however a black spot, as is the chassis which is a bit clumsy.

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