The Peugeot 208 won the trophy for the best selling car in Europe

Holy 208! France would be proud of him. Voted “Car of the Year” in 2020, the little Peugeot is, in 2022, the best-selling car in Europe. With 219,000 units registered in the Old Continent, it is ahead of the cheap Dacia Sandero (Renault group, 201,800) and Toyota Yaris city car (187,000). The German compact Volkswagen T-Roc (181.00 units) and Golf (177.800) follow. These five models are ahead of the Fiat 500 (175,000) and Opel Corsa (165,300), the Citroën C3 (161,100), Renault Clio (154,000) – lost momentum in favor of its brother Sandero -, Dacia Duster (152,500) . Therefore, there are four models of the Franco-Italian-American group Stellantis in this table, the 208 and the Opel Corsa are technically identical. The Renault group has three in place, including two Dacias. Paradox: the only “made in France” of these ten cars is… a Japanese one, the Yaris, made in Valenciennes.

Mainly produced in Trnava in Slovakia, where the electric version e 208 is assembled, but also in Kenitra in Morocco and Palomar in Argentina, the Peugeot 208 is the most popular car in France (88,800 registrations in 2022) but also in Netherlands. Low and on the podium in Portugal, Belgium-Luxembourg. The total production of this model exceeded 306,800 units last year. The 208 has a very personal line to it, a very good interior presentation even though it may look luxurious, high level road characteristics and a brilliant and economical engine, with the optional Japanese Aisin automatic gearbox, which remains the most effective in this matter. level. A good pedigree. Also in the catalog is an electric version e 208 of 136 horsepower, now supported by a more powerful version (156 horsepower) and with increased autonomy. The e 208 also represents 22% of the total sales volume of the 208 in Europe, or 48,000 vehicles. A restyling of the 208 will take place in the second half.

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