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Sananas announced that she was pregnant last night. The influencer, however, shared less good news a few hours later.

Sananas made a surprising announcement on his Instagram account. The influencer with millions of subscribers, announced her pregnancy. Just a few hours later the latter therefore announced the opposite in a post on Instagram.

Sananas, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz… These YouTubers who became mothers

The year 2022 will be those born to influencers. On June 12, 2022, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz gave birth to her first baby. An announcement, made with great fanfare on social networks.

The young Belgian who built an empire on social networks, shared a black and white photo on his Instagram story to formalize the arrival of his son, result of his love affair with Daan De Pever.

” Happy birthday, dad “, is thus written the founder of Martine Cosmetics, as a legend. The young woman, who therefore introduced herself on television in the series Hollywood Girls on NRJ12, has done so secrets about her last months of pregnancy which were quite difficult.

“That’s all, take maternity leave and that’s good. Since my feet are swollen anyway, I don’t really know how to go anywhere.”, he wrote in May. Since she gave birth, the popular YouTuber spoke out to talk about his new troubles.

“So I put on mascara, gloss and a bit of blush,” he wrote this summer, before qualifying his statements. “I have a big milk flow”.

Another YouTuber who welcomed a baby this year: Shanna Kress. The influencer and reality TV star gave birth to her little Loüka on November 27, 2022.

And this Wednesday, January 18, another well-known influencer announced her pregnancy. This is Sanaa, aka Sananas. The beautiful brunette caused a strong reaction, but not for the expected reasons.

The pregnant beauty YouTuber? He was making a point

For over ten years, Sananas has become one of the YouTubers to follow. A fan of beauty and make-up, the girl turned her passion into her profession.

Followed by millions of people around the world, Sanaa, whose real name is, brings together a rich and diverse community of viewers every day, his new videos on YouTube. And this Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Sananas, usually very discreet, has people talking about him for a funny reason.

In fact, at the end of the day, the beautiful brunette shared a photo on her Instagram account where she is posing with a little baby bump.

A picture that of course reacted to millions of people, including some star influencers. From Iris Mittenaere, by Noholita, Flora Coquerel or Clara Marz… Everyone had kind words for the girl.

Only here, hours later, Sananas posted a photo to make the necessary point. Actually, no, she is not pregnant. To prove it, the creator of the video shared an ultrasound with Selena Gomez on Instagram there’s a hamburger instead of a fetus.

“I am not pregnant. My explanations are in the following pictures. (I am not pregnant)”, he wrote for the caption. And although the initiative was welcomed by some Internet users, some found this announcement very awkward.

“So you can’t expect us to be happy if you post it then, crooked” very clumsy and suspicious… I do not understand”can we read

If many Internet users therefore do not understand his post, the influencer Noholita continues and signs.Kudos for this post! You just talked about a real topic! », he wrote. An opinion that unfortunately is far from shared by everyone.

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