nostalgia, American show, Frenchy… Five (good) reasons to follow Chicago-Detroit to Paris

DECRYPTION – After 2020 and without a doubt before 2024, the NBA will come to the Accor Arena for a regular season game this Thursday (9 pm). Event.

NBA great Barnum lives in Paris. The North American league offers a regular season game at Accor Arena this Thursday (9 pm, be Sports, Canal+ and NBA League Pass), not to mention various animations. An event. Certainly, Chicago and Detroit are not big names. 10th in the Eastern standings, the Bullsis in alternating current», as mentioned by Jacques Monclar, consultant beIN. “Generally, they hit the bigs or the supposed bigs, like the Warriors until recently. Usually it’s a group of gunslingers who shoot. There they gave the ball to Nikola Vucevic, who was stopped at 43“, He continues, making sure that he will not fail during the Illinois club. “I expected that. There are good players but this is an inconstant team out of place“, he added.

As for Detroit, 14th in both Conferences, it’s time for a rebuild, not to say… tanking. “This is a young team with growing painssaid former Pistons glory Ben Wallace. If we keep this group, I think we can have a special team.But the important thing is somewhere else. but.

The NBA in Paris, an event

Let’s not hide our satisfaction: the NBA is a strong brand, like a dream factory, whose presence in the capital is an event. Proof of popular interest, tickets sold out in… less than 30 minutes! “This is a great moment for the NBA in France. We have a record number of marketing partners (17) and a record number of broadcasters (16)“, said Ralph Rivera, general manager of NBA Europe, when Adam Silver, big boss, was on the verge of “qualify the event as a victory before the match is even held“, does not hesitate to confirm the dress”probablyof a match in 2024. The shaking is sensitive. example ? According to the study conducted by, we noticed a 55% increase in searches for hotels on January 19 on the banks of the Seine, compared to the same day the following week. Americans and Koreans top the countries that book the most hotels.

In any case, US basketball is the guarantee of a show that goes beyond the game. Moreover, the NBA sees this match as “European All Star Gameand came with all his family, from former Bull Joakim Noah to Magic Johnson, along with Tony Parker, Dwayne Wade and Ben Wallace. Victor Wembanyama is not a part of it yet, but it will be soon. He will also be with Bercy this Thursday, which the whole big league and Adam Silver are waiting for. In the meantime, the NBA will come to him and other French fans.

A game that matters

It is not a question here of a simple gala match. This is actually part of the regular season that will take place on the Bercy boards. A match that is important, especially for the Bulls in search of a place in the play-offs. One of only two to compete outside of the United States and Canada this season with Mexico City. A sacred privilege for those lucky enough to dribble transport strikes to grace the stands of the Accor Arena and the spectators from France and elsewhere. After London initially, Paris inherited the gift from 2020, only to be deprived of 2021 and 2022 due to the Covid pandemic. “That France is a big market in terms of marketing and television is not new. There is respect, we have about ten players there, there is tradition, we have had extraordinary ambassadorsMonclar explained.

DeMar DeRozan was in demand by reporters on Wednesday at Marcel-Cerdan. JB Autissier / PANORAMIC

Hayes, the regional stage

In 2020, it was Nicolas Batum who played in front of the French public, when he wore the colors of Charlotte. His last game with the Hornets for that matter. This time, Killian Hayes will serve as the ambassador. A Killian Hayes finally meeting his commitments and in good form since the start of the season, with a personal best of 26 points recently. He averaged 10 points and nearly 6 assists per game in 2022-23. Former Cholet is at home. “Having the opportunity to play in Paris when I’m in good shape, that adds something extra“The 21-year-old leader slips.

A conflict, memory

True, Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas, Scottie Pippen and company have been hanging up for a long time. But this poster between the northern neighbors of the United States still has a special flavor. “You will feel a different energy in the fans when the Bulls come to Detroit because there is a lot of history between the two teams.», studied Hayes, who did not fail to add that Isiah Thomas, double champion, was never too far from the Pistons and Little Caesars Arena. “This poster refers to many things and specifically to Michael Jordan, the Bad Boys or their rivalry in the East and their division. These are the teams that haven’t changed their shirts too much, sticking to a certain tradition. There is a real conflict. It is also nine titles between the two clubsMonclar reminded.

Remember that the last time the Bulls came to Paris was in 1997, with “MJ” in its ranks. Around this time, Adam Silver, who had other duties, helped convince the so-called “Black Jesus”, Phil Jackson and the franchise’s front office to let a camera crew follow. the campaign of the “only five”-time NBA champions. Images used in the development of the series “The Last Danceon Netflix.

Killian Hayes hasn’t played for Bercy since… the U17s with Cholet Basket. JB Autissier / PANORAMIC

Stars on the floor

This time, there will be no world-class superstar like Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2020, with Milwaukee. POPB also won’t have a chance to see 2021 Draft number 1, Cade Cunningham, for the season with Detroit. On the side of the Bulls, apart from Lonzo Ball, who has not been on the floor for a year, there are stars, including DeMar DeRozan, an indefinite time. Also the stunning Zach LaVine. two players”stepping on each other’s toes», said Jacques Monclar, but he has everything to please the crowd, like the good friend of Evan Fournier, the Montenegrin interior Nikola Vucevic, one of the three Francophones against Hayes and the American of Guinean origin Hamidou Diallo, winner of the dunks contest in 2019. In the Pistons, we can mention the fit man Bojan Bogdanovic, who also could not finish the season under the command of Dwane Casey.

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