How to quickly publish a successful information-product

Many people flirt with the idea of ​​publishing an info-product but hesitate to act because the creation process is complicated. You should know, however, that building an information-product is easier than it seems.

If you have an area of ​​expertise or a topic that interests you, it is entirely possible to create and publish a product that can make you a little or even a lot of money fairly quickly. And, if you use the right resources and know what you’re doing, you can have a product online and make your first sales within hours. Let’s see how you can develop a commercially viable information product in 48 hours or less.

Choose the Right Topic and Format

The first thing you need to do is choose the right topic and start doing your research. It’s always best to choose a topic you’re familiar with if your goal is to post it as soon as possible. This will allow you to draw from your experience and build a reliable product relatively quickly.

It is also very important that you choose a profitable topic. If the information is readily available online, you can’t expect it to be people’s girlfriend. Therefore, you will need to be careful here and consider going to a site that sells info-products to see if there are other such products.

Clickbank is the perfect place to do this type of research. Clickbank is the largest product information selling site online and specifically shows which products have had the most success with affiliates. All you have to do is put the topic(s) you have in mind into their search engine and see how many comparable products are out there. Pay attention to the severity metric because it indicates how many individual sales were completed with affiliates in the last 30 days.

In terms of format, we suggest looking at e-books as they are the easiest to do. Creating something like a video series will take time and almost anyone can create an e-book of around 20-30 pages fairly quickly. So, favor this option unless you have video production experience.

Do your research

The next step is to research your product. If you want to publish an e-book, one of the things you can do is download as many free e-books on the same topic as possible. You should also learn about PLR products and their capabilities.

If you don’t know what PLR products are, they are products that you are free to modify at your leisure and publish them as an author. You can also decide to package them and sell them without making any changes to the content, but the best way to use them is to shorten their content and resell it as original content . You can also extract certain parts and compliment them with excerpts from other products or add your own content.

It’s a good idea to convert any e-books you find online to DOC format so you can easily edit them. There are many tools that will allow you to convert PDF to Word online, allowing you to quickly take snippets from different products and integrate them into your final product.

Create a sales page

Creating a good sales page is very important. This will make your product look credible and professional, and the better your page is designed, the less traffic you will need to direct to it to make sales.

You can learn how to create a sales page yourself, but it’s a better idea to hire someone to do it. You can expect to spend several hundred dollars to do this, but it’s the only way to have a professional looking sales page in 48 hours in our opinion.

Fiverr is the perfect place to find great, cheap sales page builders, so start your research early and choose a builder with a good reputation.

You will also need to choose the format of your page. Some prefer a text page, while others prefer video. Video pages are generally more successful, but cost more and can take longer to create while a text page can be created in less than a day. So if your main goal is speed of execution, go for the text part and consider adding video later.

Start Advertising

Now that you have your page online, you can officially start selling your product.

You should know, however, that you probably have no choice but to pay if you want to make sales within 48 hours. One of the best forms of paid advertising for product information is solo ads, which are email advertisements sent to members of a third-party newsletter.

Another way to market an info-product is by using Youtube advertisements. All you need to do is hire someone to create a video ad and upload it to the site. You should also consider creating a squeeze page and offering a bonus to your visitors to entice them to sign up for your newsletter. You can sell your product indirectly through your listing and other products in the future if you wish.


That’s all you need to do if you want to create a successful information product in less than 48 hours. The most important part is to pick a topic that people like and are willing to pay for, and aggressively market your product once it goes live.

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