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Sales of passenger cars of the Romanian brand Dacia increased by 13.2% in 2022 to 569,208 vehicles (for 502,964 private vehicles in 2021, 484,097 in 2020, 690,525 in 2019, 655,172 in 2018, 610,160 in 2017, 542,542 in 2016, 402 in 2016, 402 in 2016, 402 and 502, 402 in 12).

With 4,629 commercial vehicles sold in 2022, Dacia’s total sales (passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles) reached 573,837 units (for 537,095 vehicles in 2021, 520,765 vehicles in 2020, 736,570 vehicles in 70919, 708,570 vehicles in vehicles in 70919,300 vehicles in 70819,300 vehicles in 2021. cars in 2016 and 550,920 units in 2015).

Dacia is doing well despite the sluggishness of the automotive market which has been punished by the health crisis, the electronic component crisis and the logistics crisis,

Dacia registers in Europe a 4.2% market share in 2022increased by 0.7 points compared to 2021.

The market share in the private-to-private vehicle market reaches 7.6% (6.2% in 2021).

The result of the Romanian brand, positioned in the performance/price ratio at the best level, is driven by the success of Dacia Sandero (229,500 units sold across the Sandero range) and Dacia Duster (197,1000 units sold).

The Dacia Sandero is the best selling vehicle to private customers in Europe.

The Dacia Duster is the second best selling car among private customers in Europe and the best selling SUV among private customers in Europe.

The Dacia Jogger sold 56,800 units in its first year on the market. The Jogger is the second vehicle in the C segment (excluding SUVs) sold to individuals in Europe.

The Electric Dacia Spring representing 48,900 units. The Spring is the third electric vehicle sold to individuals in Europe. La Spring has 93% of the first electricity buyers among its individual customers.

On the engine side, one in three Dacia customers choose a dual-fuel petrol and LPG engine.

The appeal of the Dacia range is also evident by winning and keeping customers. Across Europe 5 (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain), six out of ten Dacia customers do not own Renault or Dacia vehicles.

At the time of renewal, eight out of ten customers chose a Renault or Dacia vehicle.

In addition to maintaining its leadership in Morocco, the Dacia brand strengthens its positions in Europe with a 15.4% increase in volumes in a market that decreased by 4%.

In France, Dacia’s largest market, the brand registered 130,800 passenger cars in 2022, an increase of 4.5% compared to 2021, in a market that fell by 7.8%. This performance translates into a one point increase in market share to 8.6%, placing the brand in third place on the podium. In the private sales channel, Dacia posted a market share of 15.8%, up 1.3 points, meaning that 1 in 6 private customers chose Dacia in 2022.

In Germany, where the market is dominated by C-segment offers, Dacia recorded its best sales performance in 2022 with a 50% growth in volumes with 60,300 sales of passenger cars and a share in market that exceeds 2% of the market and 5% of the retail market. Dacia is sixth in passenger car sales.

Dacia is developing Italy with 67,300 passenger car sales, an increase of 9.2% compared to 2021, in a market that decreased by 9.7%. The market share reached 5.1%, an increase of 0.9 points compared to 2021. In the retail channel, Dacia is the fourth brand with a market share of 8.3%, an increase of 2 points compared to 2021.

In Spain, Dacia recorded 37,800 passenger car sales and posted an increase of 2.7% compared to 2021 in a market that decreased by 5.3%. The market share at 4.7% increased by 0.4 points compared to 2021. In the retail channel, Dacia ranks fourth in the ranking with a market share of 8.1%, i.e. a 0.6 point increase compared to 2021.

In UK, Dacia saw its sales volume increase by 55% compared to 2021 in a market that decreased by 2%. In the retail sales channel, the brand’s market share fell from 2% in 2021 to 3.1%, placing Dacia in thirteenth place.

In Romaniathe brand exceeded 30% market share, i.e. 2 points more than in 2021.

In Portugal and in BelgiumDacia is the leading brand in the retail channel.

In Eastern Europethe Baltic States, Slovakia and the Czech Republic recorded sales growth of more than 30%.

In Turkeysales increased by 30% with market share exceeding 6%, an increase of 1.1 points compared to 2021.

Xavier Martinet, Dacia Sales & Operations Marketing Director, explained: “In 2022, Dacia’s volume increased and recorded market share in Europe confirms the relevance of our strategy based on the essentials and the suitability of our products for customer use.”

2022 sales of Dacia main models:

Sandero: 229,500 units
Duster: 197,100 units
Joggers: 56,800 units
Spring: 48,900 units

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