After procrastinating, Musk announced that he would be relinquishing the reins of Twitter

Aviva Fried with AFP
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06:59, December 21, 2022

After a long moment of silence and then blowing hot and cold on the follow-up he intended to give to the poll he himself initiated, Elon Musk finally announced on Tuesday that he will step down as the head of Twitter as soon as he has of “finding someone crazy enough” to succeed him.

Week of tension and procrastination

After weeks of tension and procrastination about the future of the social network since it was acquired for 44 billion euros, Elon Musk asked Twitter users on Monday if he should leave the head of the platform. A practice that is not unusual for the new owner, who has used it several times, specifically regarding the reactivation of the account of the former president of America, Donald Trump, as well as other suspended users.

Every time the billionaire has promised to respect the results of the survey he initiated, there are usually results that go in the direction he considers. But this time, 57% of the roughly 17 million platform users who voted said they were in favor of his departure.

Elon Musk suggests the poll result is a conspiracy

On Monday at the end of the day in the United States, from Doha where he attended the final of the Football World Cup on Sunday, Elon Musk remained silent at first, before responding to tweets suggesting that the result of the survey was the result of a machination and then an army of bots distorted the result.

At the beginning of the day on Tuesday, the Twitter boss retweeted the result of an opinion poll conducted by the HarrisX institute, with its own sample of platform users, and gave 61% of those questioned in favor. his stay as Chief Executive Officer. “Interesting, it seems to suggest that we have a little problem with bots on Twitter” replied the owner of the platform in response to the institute’s tweet showing the results, which seems to plan to stay with the head of the social network. He also said that any new polls would be limited to paying Twitter users.

And when some American media confirmed on their side that he had actually started looking for a replacement even before launching his survey, citing anonymous sources, the billionaire reacted with a simple teasing emoticon through his platform.

In eight weeks, the company saw some advertisers withdraw

However, these rumors and the result of the poll appear to have been initially approved by investors, Tesla’s stock has risen further, as criticism of Elon Musk’s attention to the world grows. .

On the contrary, signs of refusal to leave the leader of the social network were not well received: Tesla’s share price ended the session on Tuesday lower by more than 8%, before the announcement of a departure in the future. In three months, the maker’s stock has lost nearly 55% of its value on Wall Street, and more than 33% since the Twitter acquisition.

In post-closing trading on Wall Street, the stock rose 0.92% to 139.07 dollars. And the social network is not doing better: in eight weeks the company has seen a certain number of advertisers withdraw in front of the risk represented for brands by the billionaire’s desire to reduce content moderation there.

The group will be “on the fast track to bankruptcy”

The group will be “on the fast track to bankruptcy”, assured Elon Musk in a message. Since taking power at the end of October, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX has caused many controversies by firing half of Twitter’s workforce, restoring suspended accounts, suspending journalists and seeking to launch a new paid subscription.

Last week, Elon Musk deleted and then reinstated the accounts of several American journalists from CNN, from New York Times and Washington post in particular, causing the reaction of the European Union and the UN. On Sunday, it was the new rules, which provide that it is now impossible to publish a link to a competing network, such as Facebook, Instagram or Mastodon, that provoked the misunderstanding of users, including Jack Dorsey, the co -founder and former boss. of Twitter. After the suspension of certain accounts under this new rule, including that of investor Paul Graham, Elon Musk qualified his decision, limiting the suspension to accounts whose “primary + purpose is the promotion of competitors.

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