Julien Courbet: Catherine, Twitter, show, show, real name… Know everything

An important face of the French audiovisual landscape for more than two decades, Julien Courbet currently presides over the antennas of M6 and RTL. Close up tells you more.

Julien Courbet: what is his real name?

Julien Courbet was born on February 7, 1965 in Eysines in the Gironde. Frédéric René Courbet by his real name chose to pursue a career under the pseudonym of Julien Courbet during his time at the NRJ radio station, because a another animator christened Frédéric already works at this station.

Julien Courbet: what is his background?

Julien Courbet, who was still using his real name at the time, his television career began in 1986 at FR3 Aquitainewhere he presented a hit parade entitled Aquitaine 2001. On the radio side, in Bordeaux he was heard for the first time in 1992. After joining Paris in the same year, Julien Courbet stood out thanks to his participation in the sketches of the satirical Sunday show This is how to do, do, do by Jacques Martin in France 2. The following year, he was recruited by producer Gérard Louvain at TF1. A columnist for the cult program Sacrée Soirée, in 1994 he inherited his own program on the first channel, Undoubtedly, which he presented until his departure from TF1 in 2008. Along with his activities as host on television and radio, Julien Courbet has also started making some successful programs like Pascal, the big brother and All together. After leaving TF1, Julien Courbet was recruited by France 2, where he performed various games such as: The 4th conflict, Perfectly spelled and Will you be a great expert?. Licensed by France 2 in 2013, Julien Courbet presented the daily version of Without a doubt for one season at TMC, before joining Cyril Hanouna at C8 in 2014. Columnist at TPMP, he also presented several games such as: The Weak Link, and Take it or leave it, before leaving the channel in 2018.

Julien Courbet: what programs is he currently presenting?

After officiated on the antennas of TF1, France 2, TMC and C8, Julien Courbet was recruited by M6 in 2018, to use the presentation of the chain’s emblematic magazine: Capital. A program still currently being integrated by the host. On this same channel, Julien Courbet presents the program It can happen to you every morning. He is also at the helm of another magazine, called Arnaques, where he is also the producer. Present on the RTL antenna since 1998, Julien Courbet presents the daily show, It can happen to you every morning, which is broadcast simultaneously on the antennas of RTL and M6.

Julien Courbet on RTL

After officiating at the antennas of Sud Radio, NRJ and RMC in the 90s, Julien Courbet was recruited by RTL in 1998. On the antenna of this station, bought by the M6 ​​group, the host presented the program entitled Les Aventuriers de la eleventh hour between 1998 and 1999, before taking control of the program called Le Sixième sens la saison later on. In 2000, Julien Courbet inherited the presentation of a new show titled Research in Progress, later renamed It Can Happen to You a Year Later. Being an important RTL program over the years, this daily meeting is still broadcast on air today. Since 2020, It can happen to you has benefited from a double live broadcast on RTL and M6.

Julien Courbet: who is his wife Catherine?

Julien Courbet shares life of a certain Catherine for several decades now. The couple first met in the early 90s. At the time, the host was just beginning his radio and television career. Julien and Catherine Courbet married in 1998, and had two children: Lola (2000) and Gabin (2001). Very discreet, the wife of the presenter first appeared on television in 2012, when she was invited to the red sofa of the show Vivement Dimanche by Michel Drucker. Still, Julien Courbet’s wife appears very rarely in public. “I got a little lost and then I had the chance to meet the woman who reframed me. We had children, we had a family (…) Fatherhood puts everything in place. I’m a little on fire. He spent his life telling me: let’s think about it and we’ll talk about it tomorrow“, declared Julien Courbet in an interview granted to Pure human.

Julien Courbet: what was his show called?

Besides television and radio, Julien Courbet has also performed on stage in several shows. After showing his acting talents Julien Courbet breaks loose, Julien Courbet makes his comic, Julien Courbet goes ahead and signs!, and Young and beautiful, at the age of 50…, the animator is currently playing his latest show, called Old and beautiful.

Julien Courbet on Twitter

On his account Official Twitter, with over 720,000 subscribers, Julien Courbet (@courbet_julien) has made a habit of revealing behind-the-scenes filming on its variety shows. The host, who also performs on stage, also shows his fans behind the scenes of the theaters where he performs his shows. Too involved in the defense of animals, Julien Courbet regularly publishes messages on this topic on Twitter. Finally, the presenter tries to make Internet users laugh by posting some funny stories, with his children.

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