Why is the Dacia car brand cheaper than others?

In three years, the average price of new cars has increased by 15 to 20%. As a result, new cars are gradually becoming unaffordable for individuals with normal incomes, unless they buy a Dacia.

35% of individuals plan to buy another vehicle this year, either new (20%) or used (15%), according to a recent TRAXIO market study. But between wanting and being able, there is a big difference.

Compared to the pre-Covid period, the prices of new and used cars increased by 15 to 20% on average. Consequently, new car has gradually become unaffordable for a normal employee which does not deserve a salary car. The entry price of a family car with a combustion engine quickly reaches 30,000 euros, while the price of a plug-in hybrid or fully electric car rises to 45,000 euros and more.

All under the sign of the final price

Dacia’s example proves that things can be different and cheaper. The cheap brands in the past became a quality economy brand, with a wide range of models and the cheapest on the market. In the case of Dacia, “cheap” means “good buy”, ie best value for money. Without compromising safety or durability.

What can Dacia do that other manufacturers can’t? With this question, we turned to the director of Dacia, Guy Vandenbranden. “When Dacia became the property of Renault in 1999, the engineers and designers were tasked with creating a stable and reliable family car at a customer price of 6,000 euros, equivalent to a second-hand VW Golf on the market. ‘Era. Instead of offering complicated and expensive cars, they focus on the essentials. A thorough cost-benefit analysis is carried out for each part and each step of the production process, with every cent accounted for. Simplify to the extreme then and remains the message. While with other brands the list price is the sum of all possible costs, we start with a predetermined price range where our engineers and designers look for the best possible solution at the lowest price. As a subsidiary of Renaultwe can benefit knowledge and experience of our core brand and use its components, allowing us to spend less on research and development. As sales of our models increase year after year, our factory runs at full speed on a three-shift system, which also allows us to achieve high production efficiency. We also strive to achieve the best possible cost-effectiveness in sales and after-sales. With Dacia, everything depends on the final price! It’s not a coincidence our factories are located in Romania and Morocco, countries with low labor costs. »

Dacia’s new look

“We have recently developed a new brand identity with a new logo and gave our showrooms a modern new look. The new look is functional, flexible and environmentally friendly, with only essential properties. The layout allows for variable customization to fit the dealer, large or small. The materials used are recycled and sustainable. The use of wood and colors such as khaki green refer to Dacia’s connection with nature. »

Dacia is number one in passenger car sales

At Dacia, the customer only pays for what he needs. This strategy paid off. We have a loyal clientele, our clients are our ambassadors! In addition, everyone can find their account. As an economy brand, we offer family cars and SUV models, small and large, petrol, LPG or electric. Because our models are lighter than our competitors, they also consume less fuel. They are not only safe and durable, but also reliable in operation, which gives them a high residual value. All this explains why Dacia is number one in the private market in our country and number nine in the world. Which is unheard of in a market dominated by luxury German brands. »

Conclusion ? As new car prices rise and major European and Asian brands phase out their small, low-cost models, Dacia’s market share in our country will continue to increase in the coming years. Whatever we think.

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