Tatum and James send dreams on “MLK Day”

Jayson Tatum, 51 points for the seventh consecutive victory of the Celtics, and LeBron James, 48 ​​points to revive the Lakers, became famous in the NBA on “Martin Luther King Day” which is celebrated every 3rd Monday of January the anniversary of the Reverend’s birth.

In Charlotte, where MLK gave a speech in 1960 titled “The Black and the American Dream”, proclaiming “I have a Dream” that remained famous nearly three years later, Tatum did not fail to pay tribute to him in this theme.

“Without him, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and make my dreams come true,” he said just after his recital leading to the success of the Celtics (130-118) at the Hornets, the seventh in a row.

Intelligent (15/23, 9 rebounds), Tatum scored as he knows how to do, but he also created some favorable situations in the attack, offering some caviar, like this alley-oop (pass in the air) for Robert Williams III’s dunk.

Leading by 17 units, Charlotte picked up -2 in the second half, followed by Jalen McDaniels (26 pts) and LaMelo Ball (25 pts). But Tatum took matters into his own hands, planting three consecutive long-range banderillas in the final two minutes, to finish the fourth quarter with 18 points.

Undeterred, the Celtics lead the East with the best record in the league (33-12), two ranks ahead of the Bucks, who defeated the Pacers (132-119).

– Memphis impressed –

In Milwaukee, where in 1964 the FBI asked Marquette University not to award an honorary degree to Dr. King, for the reason that he is affiliated with the communists, the 2021 champion was guided by Jrue Holiday (35 pts , 11 passes). It should be against Indiana’s infernal tower, Myles Turner (30 pts, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks).

In Cleveland, where MLK was very popular, as evidenced by the procession of about 14,000 people who escorted him to a church for a speech in 1963, the Cavs (5th) made the difference in the final quarter, thanks to Darius Garland scored 12 of his 30 points (11 assists), to beat (113-103) New Orleans.

The Pelicans (3rd) surpassed the Grizzlies (2nd), neck and neck with the leader Denver after their landslide victory, the tenth in a row, (136-106) against the Suns. In Memphis, where MLK was assassinated on April 4, 1968, Ja Morant (29 pts) and Desmond Bane (28 pts) walked.

Behind Phoenix drifting (12th), the Lakers are getting closer, because in Los Angeles, where MLK calmed the spirits after the Watts riots in 1965, LeBron James is unstable and decisive (9 assists, also 7 rebounds) in the victory obtained against Houston (140). -132).

– 41 points for Curry –

NBA: Tatum and James sent dreams during the "MLK Day"

“LBJ” is just 318 units short of becoming the all-time leading scorer ahead of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38.387).

In New York, where Luther King made a strong plea against the Vietnam War in 1967, the Raptors survived the extension snatched by a dunk from behind Knicks RJ Barrett (32 pts), 6/10ths from the buzzer. To finally win (123-121), thanks especially to Fred VanVleet (33 pts, 8 assists).

In Washington, where the civil rights activist uttered his famous “I have a Dream” on August 28, 1963, the Warriors finally regained their drive and enthusiasm after four humiliating losses in five games, to beat the Wizards (127-118).

“That’s all it takes at this stage to try to right the ship and get some good momentum back,” Stephen Curry said.

NBA: Tatum and James sent dreams during the "MLK Day"

His 12 points in the last quarter were very important, as were Draymond Green’s 11 (17 pts in total, 10 assists), Jordan Poole matched the total (32 pts).

In Atlanta, finally, where Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 15, 1929, the Hawks scored a third straight victory at the expense of Miami (121-113), mainly due to Dejounte Murray (28 pts, 7 assists). Jimmy Butler (34 pts) made the Heat’s uprising sound meaningless.

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