NOT ORDINARY. His tie was sucked into the paper shredder, a very useful reminder of caution

At the beginning of January, a trainee lawyer at a firm got an unpleasant surprise when his tie got caught in the paper shredder he was using. More fear than harm: he reported his misadventure on Twitter, combining humor and pedagogy.

An extraordinary disaster occurred reported on the social network TwitterSunday January 15, 2023. That of a lawyer at work and motivated, practicing his internship at a firm, and confronted with a paper shredder also motivated… a bit too much.
He has a local connection: a few years ago, Everyday is filming it in front of its Sciences Po campus in Reims (Marl). In fact, the Paris institution decentralized its students at the beginning of the course, for the most part.
At the beginning of the week of January 9, Zacharie (we’ll call him that) therefore deposited a pile of documents, intended for destruction, into the law firm’s shredder. “And not pass”, says the latter in France 3 Champagne-Ardenne. So he bent down to squeeze a little, and the machine began shredding the documents. And his tie here. Oops.

But he wasn’t particularly flustered. In fact, “I’m more annoyed for my tie than for my life”, he laughed. Tie price was not disclosed. “I wasn’t actually pulled down since I was already bent over. Just when I tried to get up I realized something is stuck.”
“And it’s not fast, they’re safe enough machines. No shock: I’m not traumatized by all that.”
In fact: if he said on Twitter that the machine tried to take his own life, it was to exaggerate. Because he would rather laugh at it than cry.

Nor was it an industrial machine whose power would put me in danger.

@AfidaDati, aka Zacharie

“There’s a button on the side of the machine, so I just push it, step back, and it comes out on its own. I feel like if I didn’t hold the button, I’d get up and the string would come out. It’s not an industrial machine either. power will endanger me.” Anyway, his tie is a bit messy. Crush, 1 – Tie, 0.
“After that, the whole firm laughed. But they also started to pay more attention.” And the first of them, his boss made an example of it: he installed a display urging caution. Even involving an unfortunate tie-in, it’s not without humor. “He said that since it was destroyed, we would use it for educational purposes.” Of which note: here are some great (and hilarious) insights, check out the tweet below).

The future lawyer takes this matter with hindsight and philosophy. “Finally, there will always be my mark in the company, 20 years after my internship ended. It’s both funny, and there is still something educational about it.”
In fact, the story ends well, and it encourages caution for others who want to lean against the mill with a tie, scarf, scarf, or even a loose piece of jewelry. Not to mention long hair (that’s why we made an article about it).
But more dramatic stories have similarly happened at the factory. This time, not with mundane desktop shredders, but industrial machines. A reminder is therefore always good to do.

Zacharie isn’t called that, but his Twitter handle, namely, is pretty ridiculous to take seriously Afida Previously. It is difficult to imagine the strange Afida Turner (worldly personality of the television and Internet universe) mixed with the energetic Rachida Dati (former Minister of Justice and current councilor-mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris). Both are known for their no-nonsense with little focus on nuances, and we don’t really want to think about their fusion à la Steven Universe stuck in the mill.
Finally, the story does not say if Zacharie (or Afida Dati…) will receive a new tie from his boss. Because, a priori, it will remain mandatory in the cabinet. However, this would have been the perfect opportunity to consider changing the obligation to wear a tie (a question posed by the author of the article and not by its protagonist). Why not start by doing without it on Friday, to welcome the end of the week less rigidly?

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