the association Go Cadres acts against unemployment among the elderly

After fifty years, when they are at the height of their experience, the path of the French to retirement comes from the appearance of a black track. It is estimated that among insured people aged 50 to 67, 40% find themselves for at least a year in some kind of gray area: not at work or in retirement. And for those experiencing unemployment, it has been increasing over time since 2018, 60% of unemployed people over 55 year is chronic, compared to 42% for the population as a whole.

Behind these figures, sometimes very heavy social situations. ” When you are young, more or less you can manage to manage. We have fewer needs, we can sleep with a loved one. But at fifty, you often have loans, a house, a family… When an elderly person finds himself without a job, his whole family suffers and this creates tragedies: debts, separation, poor health. injury, psychological suffering…»Jean-Marc describes Rodriguez who knows the subject well.

A shared address book

Business manager in industry and aeronautics, he found himself unemployed when his company was liquidated in 2016. He was over fifty years old at the time.

Participating in a workshop given by a Pôle Emploi service provider, he met a dozen people – executive and similar profiles – also looking for work, including most of seniors. Theirs, Olivier Beyer, commercial director. Tor two tell themselves that workshops like the ones they follow certainly have their virtues, but are missing an essential ingredient: the network. ” So we decided to create an association to help everyone find a job by building a network of companies “. This is how they knocked on the door of the main clusters of territorial competitiveness, representatives of employers, groups of companies from different territories of Marseille. ” We were well received because they were interested in work issues “.

The association initially had ten members of the Pôle Emploi workshop. They continue to meet regularly for happy moments where everyone assesses their situation and helps each other, each other’s skills and networks are put to the benefit of all. Then other members hold on to this rope. So that the association now has 90 members, executives and the like very mostly seniors, whose members keep the structure alive. The association also tries to support and advise a wider public by participating in many events.

By 2022, 80 of its members had reacheds to find paid work or an activity as a self-employed person. “ Sometimes companies fear CDI for this type of profiles. So freelancing can be a solution “. That is en wage portage, or as a self-employed person, but the latter status offers fewer guarantees in terms of pension rights and widere social protection.

The impact of pension reform

These good results push the association to aspire to go further. Especially the lowering of the retirement age is not good news for the public of the association. ” We are in danger to find ourselves among the elderly who are increasingly unemployed “, worries Jean-Marc Rodriguez. Hence the desire to act more strongly on this subject, through an action program called Focus Seniors, which is based on three axes.

The first is to strengthen the support actions already implemented for unemployed senior executives. ” We will improve our sourcing by relying on job players “. A partnership was signed with Apec. Another should be with Pôle Emploi.

The second axis concerns the network developed by Go Cadres. The association wants to expand its web and strengthen its links. ” We must continue to consolidate all that has been done “. Communication actions aimed at companies are also planned. ” We will try to make companies aware of this issue and show them how they can rely on senior profiles, including through wage portage missions. “.

Discussions were also held at UPE13 East about companies looking for buyers and where seniors could be good candidates. ” We trywe offer solutions that address several issues at once “. As for the question of the transmission of knowledge in the company: ” Adults have a lot to teach young people. They can motivate them by sharing their love of work “. And since the problems of unemployed senior executives are similar in some aspects to non-executives, relations have been established with the Plie (Local Plan for Integration and Employment) MP Est in La Ciotat.

“Many things have been done for the young, but not for the old”

Because moving forward together is important for the association WHO hopefully the public authorities will listen more. “ We think about what we can do to help the elderly. In Europe, we are among the worst when it comes to working over 50s “. Precisely as a result of the early retirement policies implemented in the 1980s, which, although gradually abandoned, left their mark. ” Much has been done for the young, but not for the old “.

Jean-Marc Rodriguez hopes that thehave the pension reform will be complemented by measures in favor of this group. ” Public authority will be in order havelead to ask questions and act “. But the presentation of Elisabeth Borne’s bill made him hungry. ” He spoke about the senior index,” a system that would force large companies to publish the percentage of people at the end of their careers in their workforces, “but I am afraid that this proposal will not be noticed by the companies, too punishing “.

His eyes are now on the report of France Travail that must be submitted at the end of January to the Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt, to rissue flat the employment support system. Will there be special attention given to the elderly? Hard to say. We are waiting for what will come out of it and depending on it, we will see how we will position ourselves “.