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While Dacia only offers one electric model in its range, the Spring, new models should support it shortly. One of the first is the Sandero, but not before 2028, followed by the electric Dacia Duster in 2033.

Dacia Bigster

Dacia continues to believe in thermal engines, while it wants to become an electric brand at the latest, that is, not before the deadline of 2035 decided by the European Union. Unlike many other brands, the low-cost company therefore does not intend to offer a 100% electric range for at least ten years. In fact, it threatens to dislodge it from its place as one of the most affordable on the market.

An electric Sandero in the works

But that doesn’t stop him from thinking about the development of his future models. Interviewed by English magazine coachthe boss of Dacia, Denis Le Vot, gave some indications on the future of the Romanian brand, a subsidiary of the Renault group since 1999.

The leader specifically mentioned the arrival ofa new electric model alongside the current Dacia Spring, the only car in the range equipped with this engine for the moment. A highly anticipated newcomer for the manufacturer, which this time will be sold on a larger scale, while the electric city car is only sold in a few European countries.

Expected in 2028 or 2029, this newcomer will be based on the Sandero, and could be a whole new generation of city car. Renewed in 2020, it is currently only sold with thermal engines, which may continue to exist alongside the electric version.

This future version will be based on Renault-Nissan CMF-EV platform, which already supplies the current Renault Megane E-Tech. The electric Sandero will be based on the BEV version, which it will also share with the future Renault 5. The hybrid version using the diamond brand’s E-Tech system will also be considered by the low-cost company for the next generation of the bestseller. this. .

A European production

At the moment, we know very little about this new version, while the brand has not yet provided any technical information about it. However, Le Vot emphasizes its desire to electrify its brand in the most efficient and economical way possible, taking advantage of synergies with Renault.

The future Sandero may also replace the Mégane E-Tech enginewhich will enable it to maintain a reasonable development cost and therefore remain affordable for customers.

A 100% electric Dacia Duster in boxes

The city car will follow in 2033 a new electric version of the Duster. It should arrive after the launch of the next generation, which is scheduled for 2024. It could replace elements of the Bigster concept.

If it has not disclosed any technical information about it, the site’s journalists Motors News claim that future electric cars will be assembled in Europe, at the Romanian Mioveni plant. It is here that the SUV is made, next to the Sandero certainly. This electric variant of the Duster will make this newcomer the first model equipped with this engine to be produced in the Old Continent.

As a reminder, the Dacia Spring is currently assembled in China, which may cause some concerns. In fact, the government is considering giving the ecological bonus only to vehicles that leave factories located in France or Europe. For its part, the future electric Dacia Sandero may be assembled in Morocco.

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Renault’s low-cost subsidiary plans to continue producing and selling thermal cars after 2030, when its parent company is supposed to go all-electric.
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