68,323 fans were present at the Alamodome!

New record! The Spurs had the largest attendance in NBA history since that night. 68,323 people came to the Alamodome for a special night in many ways, with the franchise’s 50th anniversary in mind. San Antonio lost on the field, but won back the hearts of their fans.

For the boxscore of this historic Spurs-Warriors, here it is!

A great 90s atmosphere, that’s what the Spurs have planned for this historic night: back to the Alamodome of course, the hall of their first title in 1999, but also a presentation of the team stamped with the nineties and turquoise blue jersey in ‘ Ancient. Let’s not forget the details: changing rooms have been recreated as in the past, There’s nothing better to make the party perfect than facing the Warriors defending champions a Stephen Curry finally back. Golden State didn’t struggle to kill San Antonio on the floor, but let’s just say the main thing tonight wasn’t on the field, but in the celebration and the party.

Because symbols, that’s not what’s missing: 50 years of franchise, 30 years of room… it seems necessary to contact all the pastry chefs in the canton to prepare enough cakes for everyone. The first to undoubtedly be touched by a one-day retracement of the franchise’s early triumphs? Gregg Popovich, the architect of the Spurs legend. Although he was touched by his courage, the technician’s speech to his players before the meeting remained a pragmatism – almost – characteristic: “You defended well, the slightest mistake in placement will be punished because they are the best in this field, learn from this match“.

Exactly, let’s quickly talk about the match itself. Despite the giant screens broadcasting for the public’s amusement anecdotes from the time when the Spurs were the tenants of the venue, the basketball game was just a formality for the Warriors. Stephen Curry used the historic crowd as a luxury catalyst for his comeback while wider, Steve Kerr’s men made sure to quietly win all aspects of the game.

Spurs didn’t look much further than that to secure the victory, contenting themselves to float around ten points behind before letting the score slip away in the final quarter. We must not forget that even if breaking the attendance record is in style, that is not what will bring Victor Wembanyama to Texas. Finally ? 144-113 Warriors, but that’s clearly anecdotal.

With a guaranteed attendance record, this great night – where the jerseys of Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are clearly the only clothes authorized by the bouncer at the entrance to the room – will be marked by the presence of several legends of the franchise. David Robinson, Tony Parker, For example, Avery Johnson and Manu Ginobili received a standing ovation. The Admiral announced the official number of viewers: 68,323!

Wide shots of the enclosure give a glimpse of the massive nature of the place and the extension of the night. So yes, the people in the back row didn’t see “most” of the encounter, but this is also the strength of this community of Éperons supporters. The collective desire to reach a record nearly 25 years old and participate in a moment in league and team history. The goal was achieved on all levels, despite the lack of success. Well done Spurs!

Writing history is definitely in San Antonio’s DNA. No success, but we don’t care. From now on, January 13, 2023 will have to be cited as the day with the largest attendance in the history of an NBA game. Even in the withdrawal sportingly, the Spurs have not forgotten the recipe for making an impression!

Source: ESPN

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