this new motorless “electric” buggy screams adventure

Dacia has released its Manifesto concept, which takes the form of an impressive “electric” buggy, but without an engine. If it doesn’t announce a production vehicle, it nevertheless showcases innovations that will be seen in future creations of the low-cost brand.

Gone are the days when Dacia had a very low brand image that was not very flattering. For several years, the manufacturer is not really as cheap as it used to be. Mostly upscale, although still faithful to its original philosophy, the Romanian firm has even been tempted by electric with its new Dacia Spring. Now, the manufacturer is taking a new turn, reflected in a new logo and a revised stylistic identity.

A true manifesto

However, he still wants to keep his original recipe, by focusing on the essentials and targeting a clientele that loves outdoor activities. It is remarkable why the company has lifted the veil on its latest concept, called Manifesto. Symbolizing all of Dacia’s strategy on its own, it does not announce a new model strictly speaking, as the brand’s press release specified. In fact, this new type of “electric” buggy, which has nothing to do with the recently announced Meyers Manx 2.0, aims to showcase innovations that will be included in the manufacturer’s future vehicles.

In terms of style, this concept is surprising in its very acquired part. The front features the new Dacia logo, as well as a futuristic light signature. But the challenges are its single projector installed on the left side which can be removed and transformed into a flashlight. In addition to the modular roof, which makes carrying luggage possible thanks to deployable fixing bars in multiple configurations, the Dacia Manifesto is also equipped with a new YouClip system, which makes it very easy to attach various modular accessories. This device will be found in other models of the series in the future.

A practical and thoughtful interior

But in truth, it is especially the interior that is worth seeing. Designed for outdoor vacations, Dacia Manifesto offers a waterproof driving position can be washed with a jet of water. Also note the removable seat cover, which can be converted into a sleeper. It remains to be seen if this clever idea will make it to a production model in the next few years.

Wanting to respect the environment, the manufacturer offers its concept of a bodywork mainly dressed in Starkle, material made of recycled polypropylene. Cork is inside, a material that can also be found on board the electric Mazda MX-30.

In a process of extreme simplification, the Manifesto concept is not equipped with a touch screen. The driver can simply install his smartphone on a dedicated support in the middle of the dashboard to take advantage of the navigation and all its applications. However, the “electric” buggy is equipped with a small digital handset that indicates the speed.

A battery to provide electricity

Note that the concept car is equipped withan extractable battery (with a capacity of 2.25 kWh) capable of providing electricity through a simple exit of the house. Thus, it is possible to recharge or supply various things, such as a phone or a kettle during excursions in the great outdoors. A system that reminds us to some extent of the bidirectional charging that some manufacturers already offer. But this battery is not all the traction battery that supplies the electric motor.

A “green” engine or no engine?

If the technical sheet of this concept says nothing, the noises of the corridors prove that it does not have an engine. But as David Durand, the director of brand design at Automobile Magazine, it must carry a green engine. Without further details.

In fact, the only thing we know for sure is that it will be equipped with all-wheel drive. Designed to get off the beaten track and ride rough terrain, the Manifesto features puncture-proof airless tires. A promising technology that will eventually be seen in production vehicles, as Michelin has been working on it for years. Called Uptis, this revolutionary tire could arrive in three to five years, between 2025 and 2028. Goodyear is also working on developing a similar system, which should see the light of day in 2030.

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